Thursday, December 08, 2005

When dreams become...

Wow, its been a while since I last posted something.... must be because I've been busy with life. With married life that is. And pregnancy.

Oh yes, I've recently gotten married. And recently got pregnant too. My hubby, D, is wonderful. We've managed to stay in love despite and inspite of all the dramas, the check-ups, the family discussions and the hospital stays.

He's truly amazing, which caught me by surprise. I was hospitalized for a week because of high blood pressure and diabetis. Apparently, when you're pregnant you're prone to develop these two terrible things. So the doctor wanted to keep me relaxed by ordering me to total bed rest at the hospital. By the 3rd day, I knew I didn't smell nice... and was dying for a bath or a least a visit to the bathroom to clean-up. I told hubby and he said he'd give me a sponge bath. And he did! I was smiling the whole time because I didn't know that he could be so caring. The nurse actually offered to give me a sponge bath but he said he'd do it.

We still have our little spats, but it never lasts longer than an hour. We always cool down and know how to say sorry. Actually, I'm usually the one who gets irritated... my patience is just too short these days. My mom said this is because of the hormonal changes.

We're having a boy! His name is Kyan Dale. We wanted to find a nice, unique name. I first wanted a Juancho. I didn't know why, I just like the sound of the name. But we didn't agree. So we looked for other names. Hubby found Kyan, its African in origin, and means Little King, while Dale is German and means Valley. So Kyan Dale is little king of the valley. Cute huh?

We're both very excited about Kyan. My parents are too since its their first grandchild.

At the start of the year, a friend said that she dreamed someone was getting married this year. I didn't believe her of course, I mean, how could it be when at the start of the year, I wasn't in love. But now, I believe her... and dreams, can indeed, come true. It surely did for me.