Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I haven't...

Seemed like I've forgotten about my blog.  But I haven't really.  Life just happened.  No, more like, life overtook me.

April was a frenzy of activity.  Attending birthday parties almost every weekend.  And my two sisters graduated.  Trip home.  A cousin from Canada came home.  White water rafting - the best!  Zip line in Bukidnon - Asia's longest and coolest!  Then I had to attend to my Mama's operation.

I tell yah, life really did overtake me.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I'm the most un-athletic person I know.  And I know a few.  But I've recently taken on a sport, which I feel I will stick it out with.  Biking.  Mountain biking to be exact.  Though, I have to bike on a real mountain and I bike mostly on paved roads, I have taken to biking.  The hubs actually was the first who got interested and he then bought me a bike too. 

In our neighborhood, most bikers ride to Ayala West Grove.  It's an uphill climb of about 3 kilometers.  I never thought I could get there.  The first try, I stopped 3 times.  Then next try, I stopped twice.  On the third try, I had a one quick stop.  But now, I already bike all the way non-stop.  I'm eyeing the "Cardiac Hill" in about a month's time.  I don't wanna push myself too much :)