Friday, July 31, 2009

Work stress overload

The past weeks has been extremely stressful at work. I've been called a few not nice adjectives. Deserved or undeserved, I was affected to the deepest level. I guess it's just hard to live up to very high expectations. All I can do is try my best.

It's hard when one aspect of life is difficult. Something just stops functioning. I was suddenly consumed with a remark made. It was probably flippant on his part, so I didn't want to dwell on it. But I was so affected, I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was on automatic replay in my head, like a song from my Ipod. Only I wasn't hearing melodies.

I think less of it now. He did try to make amends. My friend said that knowing me, that remark just will challenge me. Perhaps she's right. I am slightly challenged, although I'm more cautious now. That and guarded.

At least it's Friday. Work rests. Weekend is a happy respite. TGIF everyone!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Migration Thoughts

I've toyed with the idea of migrating. Back when I was single and almost bored with Pinas. Also when I had just gotten married. But the hubs loves Pinas and convinced me that it's worth staying for. So stay put we did.

Last Friday night though, I again thought of packing all our bags and migrating. And the trigger? The what Philippine government is doing. Or what it's not doing. I worked from home last Friday so was able to catch the prime time news and the following really ticked me:

1. GMA not signing the Cheaper Medicine Bill. That bill has been sitting on GMA's lap for more than 100 days, I think. She has yet to sign it, citing that she's giving the Pharmaceutical companies chance to bring down their prices, on their own. Let's say the drug companies do lower the prices now, but for long? Other countries do not have such exorbitant medicine prices, why can't we have the same? Take India for example, their medicines are uber cheap and now they are already exporting their medicines.

Who is GMA kidding? I bet something happened in the "meetings" between MalcaƱang and the Pharmaceutical companies. Simply ridiculous.

2. The Big oil players vs 1 lone player. Where in the world have we seen the government siding with the big oil players who refuse to reduce prices? Even to the point of castigating the one who plans to reduce their prices. I tell you, super UNBELIEVABLE.

Who wouldn't dream of migrating after seeing these in the news right? I just pray that the Filipino voting public gets more educated about the people they vote for. Let's do our share and keep out all the trapos from getting a government seat. It's for our future.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Starbucks and Songs

The little one with his Auntie Xan (my sis, the one in the middle)
and Ate Cookie (our niece), he was clearly enjoying himself :)

Totally having loads of fun

If the place is child friendly, the little boy tags along with us. Starbucks is one of the places we frequent that he loves. Last Sunday, we drove my little sis back to Tagaytay where she's currently doing OJT. And of course Starbucks is a must-stop. Our little bugoy loves the hot chocolate and donut in Starbucks.
Today at dinner, he was singing "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday". A song he learned today at school. So all of us at home are humming that song! :) What an LSS! haha

Monday, July 13, 2009

Going Gaga over Lady Gaga

I always loved dance-y, groovy, happy songs... including Chill-out/House (back in the day, we used to call it Trance) music too. I first heard Poker Face late last year. It was an upbeat, easy to sing to song so I got interested. Then I saw Lady Gaga guest on the Ellen Degeneres show, which I love! That's when I knew who sang Poker Face. I searched for the album and loaded the whole thing to my Ipod. I listen to her when I do my morning exercise, on my way to and from work and sometimes while working. I know, OC-OC, right?! HAHA! I have that tendency though, to just listen to a whole album until my ears bleed :T I remember I listened to Usher's album for a whole year. In my defence, MP3 players weren't in yet. Right.

Suffice it to say, I LOVE Lady Gaga's album and I LOVE her! She's like Madonna, with a dash of Gwen Stefani and... basta! It's unique, upbeat, funky and fun. And she's coming to Manila on August 11th. A Tuesday though, which is a bummer. And I want to watch but no one to watch it with. Howell rockwell. I'll content myself listening to my Ipod's Lady Gaga... over and over and over and over and over... (well, you get the drift, right?)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Smashing it

Started the weekend right, the whole family went out to play badminton. And yes, including the little one. He was running around most of the time, but at least he experienced badminton in a badminton court :)
I'm a novice in all of this. When God gave out sporting skills, I was probably reading inside my room hehe The only thing I did like to play enough to learn it is bowling. But I'm not good at it either. So this was a first for me and little boy. Now I know why a lot are hooked to badminton, it's really a fun way to get active. I'm gonna do it again, for sure :) Now, let me find that Salonpas and Katinko.... :D

Thursday, July 09, 2009

When 3-year olds watch a movie

Last night, we brought the little to watch Ice Age 3 at a theather. It was his 2nd time to watch in a cinema, the first was mother's day last year and we watched Iron Man. He wasn't too aware yet of what was happening then, so he wasn't excited. This time though, he's already fully aware of his sorroundings and that he's going to SM so he was bouncing off the walls with so much anticipation hehe!

We got popcorn and juice for snacks and settled down on our seats. For 10 minutes. Then he began rocking his seat, he seemed to enjoy that it can be folded. He sat with me for awhile. Sat with his dad too. Leaned on the seat in front of us, good thing no one sat there. Put up his feet on the head rest in front of my seat. Said he was going to "wiwi" twice, but didn't. That was the whole Ice Age 3 :)

But that's all good. After the movie, he did say he had fun and he wants to watch a movie again at the cinema. And we spent time as a family :)

Monday, July 06, 2009

In these trying times

We need to be smart about spending these days. So spend on items you need, save up for the wants. Also spend on something you'll get returns or rebates. Like I always carry rewards cards of SM, Rustan's, Mercury Drug, National Bookstore, Coffee Bean. I wish Starbucks had a rewards card. I recently got myself a Gerry's Grill card. With the above card, you earn points everytime you present it upon purchase. Accumulate the points and you get cash discounts. I simply love it, you get points for your loyalty.

For airlines, I have the PAL card, the Cathay Pacific Frequent Flyer Card and Singapore Airlines card. I got great discounts from the PAL card. I got a spa treatment and make up set from Cathay. And I got an upgrade with Sing Air. See, cards are really neat! :) Question? Does Cebu Pacific had a frequent flyer card?

Now I've been a Smart user, I have a Smart cell and subscribe (still do) to Smarbro. They have Rewards system as well. Although it's just a small amount, it'll surely help.

And I pay my bills online and found out that BPI gives you points when you pay online. You get freebies from Chowking. Cool huh?