Saturday, August 16, 2014

Test of friendship

So my son's been confined at the hospital since this Wednesday.  Obviously, had to take days off from school and work. It's just me, hubby D and son K here in Laguna. Both D and I are not locals in Luzon, so we don't have family but we've lived here for more than 15 years. Those 15 years, we're able to cultivate friendships.  But some friendships are just not on the level that I thought they were. 

In the past, when I was hospitalized due to pregnancy (had lots of pre-term labor), no one from this specific set of friends visited. Even when I gave birth, only one from the group came by.  I usually get affected by this, that D started to distance himself from them, to shield me from this disappointment, he confirms recently.  

I wonder why they wouldn't take time to visit me when I would always visit them or their kids/husbands are hospitalized.  In these instances that I would take the time to visit them, D be so surprised why I would even bother. When they couldn't be bothered.  I thought and believe that even if they don't think much of our friendship, I do and I care enough. I give without expecting nothing in return.

Perhaps it's also due to how we were brought up. I grew up visiting family, relatives and friends who are sick. My Mom would know who was in the hospital, even back in the pre-FB days and would schedule a visit to each one and bring food.

Whatever it is, it's become a great struggle for me to overcome. I'm more heart broken than angry though. I hate being like this pa naman coz I find it harder to get over a broken heart than anger.  If I'm angry, I just make it a point to communicate it and I get over it. If I'm broken hearted, I retreat into myself and I avoid the other party with all my might. I always told others to take care of their hearts, I should have listened to my own advice. I should start guarding my heart.

Not that we didn't have visitors. We did, my super maasahan friend from college came by. Mommy friends from my K's school. And a couple of D's friends came by as well. One true test of friendship is showing up when your friend is in need. No show means not true friends, right? I shouldn't forget this.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Itaas ang kilay!

I used to be a make-up snob but lately I've started to like putting them on. About early last year, bought an eyebrow thing at Body Shop and been using it since.

This eyebrow make-up has two shades. A light brown one and a darker one. I used the lighter one but it looked weird since, like most Filipinas, I have dark hair. So I stuck to the darker shade. 

I don't have overgrown eyebrows. It's not too light too. I always felt they were adequate. But once I put on eyebrow make up, I felt my eyebrows looked better. 

Can you tell which one has eyebrow make up and which one doesn't? Oh and please excuse my humungous fez 😃😃

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Ano po yun?

I was trialing a gym at this "exclusive" country club. Then a family of four came in, thats parents and two daughters. I think they can sense that I wasn't a member yet.

The youngest daughter was probably 8 or 9. They were all speaking in Filipino at first. Then suddenly, the Mom told the youngest this: "Daughter, tell the receptionist to turn on the other aircon."  Daughter said: "Ano po yun?".

So Mom said it again. And Daughter said: "Ano po yun?". 

Mom repeated it for the 3rd time. And Daughter replied the same thing for the 3rd time. 

So finally, Mom said: "Sabihin mo kay Ate na buksan ang aircon."  To which the Daughter said: "Ay ok po".

Tagalogin na lang kasi. Di naman bawal sa country club. 😃😝

Saturday, July 05, 2014

School service: More fun in the Philippines!

My son, K, has been in school since 2008, so that's about 6 years already.  He started with play school then.  As I was still working full time, we had no choice but to get him a school bus.  His school was about 2 kilometers away from the house, so the fee was only about P1.5k including Yaya. 

In 2011, we moved him to a big school which was right outside our village so either he walked, biked or if I was working from home, I drove him to and from school.

The following year, SY 2012-2013, he moved to another school, where he is still currently enrolled.  It's a bit far, considering how near his previous schools were, about 7 kilometers from home.  My husband and I shared one car then, so it would be hard to bring K to school.  I had to get a school service, for a round trip fee of P3k.  The thing is, he was picked up before 6:30am and dropped off at 4pm, when dismissal was 2:20.  Poor kid!  But he had to endure it.

That school bus operator was a pain in the behind too.  He would ask for fee advances.  Sometimes he would forget to pick up my son.  The yaya called me one time to say that the school bus hasn't picked up K yet and it was already 7:20 am.  I was on my way to Makati already, and I was in the middle of SLEX.  Good thing our kind neighbor, who's a retired school bus driver and operator, offered to bring K to school. 

The following school year, we finally decided to get another car for the hubs.  We still decided to get a school bus for K, since I didn't have a realiable yaya that entire year.  We had to get another service since we were unhappy with the previous one.  One way school service was 75% of the round trip fee, so we paid about P2.25k monthly.  That school service was very good, they dropped K off on time, they value safety and  were organized.  There were a couple of instances that I had to go to the office and I couldn't get home before 3pm (the time K is dropped off at home).  Usually I'd call them to say drop K last, when I'd be home.  But then a couple of times, K was dropped off at home even when I wasn't home yet.  K ended up staying with the neighbors, or he'd be sitting in front of our house.  That wasn't safe.  So my option was if I had to go to the office, I'd ask them to leave K at school where he is safer and I'd pick him up there myself.

With all the issues we've been facing with the school service and no yaya (then, now we have yaya na!), this year, we finally decided not to get a school service.  I'd bring K to school and then pick him up.  If I have a call or would be traveling to Makati and I'd be late to pick him up, then it's all good since he's at school and he can have more time to play basketball.  It's been almost a month of this and it's working out well for us.  So far so good.  #crossingmyfingers #prayinghard

Friday, July 04, 2014

Jack (none the) Reacher


I was house visiting a dear friend in Sydney, she prepared my bed in their spare room - the office/library, when I noticed a book by Lee Child.  I have watched Jack Reacher the movie.  Which was not great, to be honest.  I knew my friend had impeccable taste in books (she's my friend, after all), so I was curious why she had the book when the movie sucked (sorry to those who love Tom Cruise, oh btw, Happy Birthday!).  R, my friend, said the book's lovely.  So I got curious and the minute I was able to sit down, I scoured the internet to find a copy.  And I did and downloaded all books into my Kindle…. And the rest as they say is history….

Since September of 2013 to June of 2014, I only had time for Jack Reacher.   I read all the books, one after the other.  Sometimes I forget when the one book starts and the other ends, I couldn’t tell the beginning from the end.  It was a wondrous experience, like listening to someone tell a story while drinking red wine and munching on cheese (or coke and chips if you’re me).  There were a few stories that I hurried over, just so I would know the ending.  There were stories that I had to finish, even with just 2 hours of sleep, because I was so into it.

I was raving of it to my friend, who liked adventures and spy novels, and he asked me why I liked it so much.  Jack Reacher is like McGyver.  If you’re an 80s kid, you’d know him.  Jack is also like Jason Borne, although less dramatic and taller.  Jack is also like Iron Man, but less showboating.  Jack is also like Dexter but without the serial killer gene.  He can also be Christian Grey, but without the twisted lovemaking moves.  Oh and he could be Manny Pacquiao, with all KOs he’s given.  So basically, he’s like this DIY kind of guy, who believes in justice, knows how to fight and hide his kill (more like kills really).  Who wouldn’t love him, right?

Go ahead and try reading Jack Reacher.  But don’t watch the movie. #sorryI’mNotSorry

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Yaya, finally!

It's mid year already and this is my first post.  I haven't had a regular non-psychotic Yaya since January of 2013.  So yes, hence the sporadic posts.

I didn't grow up rich, but we've always had a Yaya and a househelp at home.  And they stayed with us for years, up until they get married and ever after.  But these days, good and realiable househelps are so hard to come by.

The horrors of looking for a yaya.  I'm not even talking about a great one, I just want one who can clean the house and wash plates.  But no!  The first one we got didn't want to stay in, she found the our village too quiet.  Apparently, she's a party girl at 43 years old.  Once, she even came back from her day off with a hangover.  Buti pa si Yaya gumigimik pa! LOL

The second Yaya we hired from my Mom's hometown, so we paid for her airfare from Cagayan de Oro to Laguna.  She was a fresh high school graduate at 20.  She was full of stories about her friends who were unemployed and not eating 3 meals a day.  I wanted to help her by giving her a job, and also thereby helping her family.  The next day after she arrived, she asked to go home.  Really?!  Seriously?!  So we let her.

The 3rd was the worse.  She was 45 and came highly recommended.  But OMG!  She didn't know how to cook, let along clean the house, she can't even clean herself up.  She was so stinky!  It was so gross.  She was also such a chismosa.  She made our neighbors' yayas turn against each other and we've been neighbors since 2008 with no issues at all.

The fourth one was the worst.  Yes, worst.  When we screened the yayas, we told them that we live in a village thats very quiet, so you'll be battling homesickness more than anything.  She was still very interested since she needed to send her daughter to school, and she looked responsible enough at 39.  So we hired her.  She took a cash advance for 5k and then two weeks after needed another advance to send to her mother and sister who were sick.  A week after that, she asked for another advance for her daughter's tuition.  I don't take out all their cash advance when I give them their salary, I only take a portion so they will still have "take home pay".  She asked for another month's cash advance, I had to set limits and told her that we'll give her the advance, but won't allow her anymore advances until everything is paid up.  We needed leverage as well.... and that's when all hell broke loose.  She was crying and calling me names and even threatened to kill herself.  That's when I said to leave if she plans on hurting herself.  I then brought myself and my son to our room, 10 mins later when I checked on her, she was already gone.  With over 7k worth of cash advances.

So now, we have a new one.  She's a Yaya we've had back in 2012 for about 6 months.  She went home coz, again, she was homesick.  Now she has a 1 year old kid and the kid's dad doesn't have any permanent work.  We've liked her before and we're liking her more now.  She cooks well, she does things without us telling her what to do.  She cleans well and she's quiet when she works.  She's not perfect of course, but we can live with that.  I've even discussed SSS and PhilHealth with her.  I really hope she stays with us, and yes, we pray for her and of her.