Friday, November 20, 2009

My favorite season has arrived

Christmas is my favoratest holiday season and it's here :)  I love everything about Christmas and New Year - from the food, the decors, the lights, the Simbang Gabi, the gifts, wrapping the gifts, the parties and get-togethers.  The only thing I don't like about Christmas is the traffic.  Otherwise, I absolutely, positively love everything!

It's not surprising then that our Christmas tree has been up since November 2nd haha  And I've done some Christmas gift shopping too and wrapped them all already.  I still have a few to do, but the St James' Bazaar of Ayala Alabang will be the Christmas gift one stop shop :)  Btw, it's on November 27 to 30.  4 whole days of non-stop gorgeous bazaar shopping.  The hubs said that our flyer to the bazaar in on our ref door, while our neighbor didn't get theirs out of their mailbox.  Guess who's excited? LOL

Here's a pic of our tree.  My theme for the past two years is blue and silver.  I'm still looking for that ever elusive blue or white (with silver trimmings) angel so technically, our tree is still a work in progress.  I keep finding white angel with gold trimmings.  Or red and green angels.  Has there been a memo that angels cannot wear blue?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Being local

I've moved to Laguna in 2005. And the only person I knew then was my husband. I didn't have any friends or even nodding-basis acquaintance. I made Laguna my new home, knowing no one else but my husband. I felt fine at first, and since we were still on the honeymoon stage, we were cocooned in our own happy world. As time passed, I slowly longed for friends of my own in Laguna and I missed going to a place and seeing friends, like I used to in Makati.

Gradually, I began to expand my network in my new home town. I made friends with a few neighbors, with our broker. I already have suki in the palengke, the parlor and the massage place. I met a few of the hubs' officemates who were quite nice. I then met some parents at my son's school. And then quite recently, joined a taebo class. I'm also on speaking terms with my bus mates, even got to car pool with a few of them.

To me, the true test of being local is when you go out either to the mall or palengke or well, Starbucks, and see a few familiar faces and speaking to those familiar faces. Now, when I go out, I always bump into people I know. A few weeks back, I went to SM and saw a couple of friends. Just tonight, I saw a taebo mate at Starbucks and also saw our instructor. I'm officially a local! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thoughts on fuel shortage

I hardly think it's true.  It's just a tactic of the oil companies to lift the EO on price control.

It's also very inappropriate for the Secretary of Energy to claim that there is shortage.  It's his job to mediate between the government and the private sector and to ensure that there is enough supply.  But he's harping on the shortage, no one needs to wonder who's side he's taking.

I'm not buying gas this week, if I can help it.  The hubs got a full tank last Saturday and we still have half tank full. 

But I would gladly buy gas just so I can pour it on someone and light her. LOL

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Stormy Saturday

The uprooted tree in front of our house

Strong winds started blowing Friday night, around 10pm, coupled with heavy rains.  We slept right after coming home but we still had electricity then.  A little after 2am, I suddenly woke up coz I heard a loud bang and a car alarm going off.  I feared our car was hit by the tree right beside where we parked.  By then, electricity was out, so it was difficult to see a thing outside.  I woke up the hubs to check it out with me.  The tree did get uprooted, and hit our neighbor's car.  We couldn't confirm the damage since it was too dark. 

Morning came, the rain and wind had subsided.  Our neighbor's car was hit by the tree, thankfully, the fall was stopped by another smaller tree.  So their car wasn't hit directly.  The hood wasn't spared though and the roofing caved slightly.  It could have been worse so we were all lucky.

Today, the birds are chirping like no storm passed.  Mr. Sun is smiling.  It's a great sunny day.  Happy Sunday and Happy All Saints' day all!