Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tamad Tuesday

Today seemed to have dragged on.  I'm so tamad to work!  But I couldn't work from home coz I've got 2 conference calls to attend.  One's done, but I still got a 7:30pm one.  Drat.

So since it's Tamad Tuesday, I'm going to do my 10 grateful list:

1.  I have an amazing God.  Who listens to our hearts desires :)
2.  Our dream to own our own home is very close to becoming real.  Please help us pray for this.  Thanks!
3.  I've a great family.  Hubs knows who I am and a son who's super smart :D
4.  Found money in my ped.  See for yourself

5.  Free coffee from the office pantry.
6.  Being able to watch What Happens in Vegas from my desk (don't tell my boss!) haha!
7.  Loot bag for my little one
8.  Having Tamad Tuesdays :P
9.  Car pool service is launched.  Got to the office hassle free and gusot free! haha
10.  The fact that it's almost 4pm and I should be heading home in about 4.5 hours

Hope you had a better Tuesday than I! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

While PNoy was preparing

We had to run a very important errand this morning, so the hubs and I took a day off from work today.  SLEX traffic was horrible, due to a traffic accident on the Skyway.  The drive from our home to Makati took more than 2 hours.  We were already on the road from 6:30am, and got to Makati at 9am. 

After doing our (very) important errand, we decided to celebrate a bit by having a great lunch.  Cafe Mediterranean is a great lunch, so off we go.

This has been my favorite since early '90s

Hot sauce and garlic sauce combo

Hummus with pita bread - a wonderful appetizer

Chicken Kebab was the hubs' lunch

And my favorite - Mousakka! :)

We got home in time for Pnoy's SONA.  As my son clarified, a SONA is a message of the president.  It surely was.  I loved Pnoy's message!  Let's pray that we all could do our part.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saburday Night

It's been awhile since I've last gone out on a Saturday night drinking.  Too long that I couldn't even recall the last time.  Hubs and I got an invitation to a surprise birthday party of one of our friends.  I sure was glad we went, we both had a blast.

I unfortunately forgot to bring my camera so was only able to get pics from my blackberry.

Endless shooters!  I think I was able to drink about a dozen of these

Even the Hubs enjoyed shooters... I was so proud of him! haha

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Everything will falll....

..........into place.

I've heard it a thousand times.  And went against it a thousand times as well.

This time, I listened and just marvelled at the God's greatness.  "Everything will fall into place."  It's really quite true.  Seriously.  You needn't even fret.

I'm super excited. And will not be shopping in 2 years, at least. LOL

Basyang's surprise

Again we were surprised with Basyang.  According to Pag-Asa, Laguna was just going to get hit with Signal 2.  But when night feel on Tuesday, the winds were crazy howling.  I couldn't sleep!  The electricity went out at around 11pm.  Feel asleep at around 12am.  When I woke up at 4am, the winds were still howling like hyenas.

Early the next morning, we saw the full effect of Basyang.  We didn't have electricity and water.  Good thing our village was prepared, the maintenance guys already cut most of the hanging tree branches.  On the way to the hubs office, we saw fallen trees and leaves everywhere.  It was very chaotic and unsafe. 

Though the weather improved later in the day, we still didn't have electricity and I had to go out by 10am since I had a call and needed to submit a report.  Dragging my little one and my sister, I first went to Starbucks, thinking they probably have wifi still since they have a generator.  But they didn't, although I was still able to charge my Blackberry and make the 10am call haha  3 days after, I realized I left my charger there and when I went back, no one surrendered it.  Too bad :(

On to my wifi quest.  I remembered back in December, when I needed to submit another report, I stayed the whole day in SM Cagayan de Oro.  Their wifi is fast, free and available everywhere!  I ended up working in a coffee shop in SM Sta Rosa, while my little one played endlessly in Tom's World with my sister in tow.

I'm a GLEEK!

I so love GLEE! And my son loves it too :) Whenever we're together inside the car, like when I bring him to school or pick up the hubs, we'd listen to the sound track. My son's song is Don't stop believing.  He would sing with the song all the time.  And repeat it forever LOL

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Educating Our Children

I've mentioned here that my boy's in his 3rd year of school.  He started going to school when he was barely 2 years old.  He's studying in a progressive learning pre-school where each lesson is individualized per child.  He knows the letters even before he started school.  He loves numbers and can already identify most of the shapes. 

This year I want to see him learn more.  He's now starting to read 3-letter words.  He actually can read "a cat sat on a cot" and comprehend what it means.  The teachers are still continously amazed with my little one's cognitive skills and memory, as the hubs and I.  I feel though that he could do more, like count up to 100 or know when to use "is" or "are".

We do try to augment the learnings from school.  Like we teach him addition, as well as the difference between "he/she/his/her".  And when we read him a story, we make him read the simple words. 

A, a friend, whose son is my son's classmate and friend, is contemplating moving his son to a traditional school.  Mainly because she's concerned with the lack of curriculum at the current school.  I somehow also see where she's coming from.  Our kids' tuition doesn't come cheap, so we should be getting our money's worth.  Besides we do work hard so we'll able to send our kids to good schools.

On the one hand, my husband and I agreed that we don't want to stress our son too early.  He's still 4 anyway, they will all catch up.  Both of us came from public elementary and we've done quite well.  We are of the opinion too that education also depends on the child.  Even when you give them the best one can afford, if they really don't have any interest in it, then all will go to waste. 

So what's best in educating children then?  Who knows, right?  But for now, I would go by seeing my child happy and learn along the way.  He needs to enjoy being a kid, running around, discovering things and laughing a lot.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Organizing woes

We're renting a house which sits on a small lot, so of course, our house is quite small.  It's just really enough for me, my hubby, our son, our two yayas and one additional person.  Right now, that additional person is my sister who stays with us while she's in college.

Anyhow, I'm constantly faced with "kalat" and I'm always itching to organize our stuff.  Shoes should stay on the shoe rack.  Un-used bags should hang somewhere we can see them.  Tupperwares and other stuff should be inside the cupboards.  Pensils, pens, crayons should stay in one place.  Toys should be kept when no one's playing with them.  "Everything should have a place". 

So keep looking for ways to organize.  Shelves.  Boxes.  Racks.  Plastic containers.

When I first went to Ikea, I felt I was in organizing heaven.  Everything was fabulously in place.  Oh, to have that kind of life!  To have a house where everything is where it should be.