Saturday, August 18, 2012

But, I still love u!

I've been eyeing this Michael Kors bag since end of June.  Saw it from their main store in Greenbelt.  And again earlier today at a bazaar.  When I got home, I googled it and have been ogling it for the past couple of hours.

Why are you so pretty, you bag, you! This obsession has to stop.  I don't have the budget for a new bag.  Specially for a bag like you. 

But let it be known, that I still love you :P  So help me God. LOL

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trashy people

Last night, I went to the ATM.  As I got down the car,  this group of loud young men, probably, in their late teens/early tweenties arrived.  So they were in line first.  There were two machines and two lines, the first in the two machines were part of the group of young men.  Suddenly, when the other man moved to our line and stood in front of me.  I usually talk to those who go ahead of me who are not in line, but that night, I just let it go.

So he went ahead of me.  His friend before him left the receipt on the machine, this guy called his friend and just threw the paper on the floor.  I was a bit irritated already.  The trash bin was just right beside him.  But I just kept my mouth shut.  Then he proceeded to use the machine, got another receipt, crumpled it and threw on the floor again.  Now, I couldn't take it anymore.  I had to tell him, "Kuya, nasa tabi nyo lang ho yung basurahan" (Bro, the trash bin is just right beside you.).  He did say "Ay sorry po" (Oh, sorry).  But still didn't pick up the receipts.  When he was done at the machine, he left another receipt.  I simply put it in the trash bin.

Seriously, these people need to know to put their trash in the bins.  We have to be more responsible with our actions.  The world isn't going to clean itself up.  We humans throw trash like someone else is going to do it.  Honestly, it doesn't take much to pick up your trash and put it in the bin.  Let's just do it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Public announcements

Laguna Governor's FB account

I remember when I was younger, we only had the AM radio to announce class suspensions.  Then in college, there's the TV and radio.  Now that I'm a Mom, aside from AM radio, TV announcements, we now have Twitter and Facebook.  The past two weeks, upon waking up, I check the two too.

PAGASA's Twitter account

And then I also check the Weather Channel for weather forecasts.  So I'll know what outfit to wear if I'm going out or going to the office.  Or whether I should go to the office at all.

The Weather Channel's awesome & accurate Ipad app

I used to say to my Mama, to listen to the radio to check if there are classes.

Now, my son tells me to check Twitter and FB to check if they have classes.

How the public announcements have changed.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Antonio, you didn't disappoint

The house specialty - Sizzling Bulalo and Bulalo soup on the side
On the day Typhoon Gener arrived, my family and I went to Tagaytay for lunch after Sunday mass.  I was hoping to use our Antonio's Breakfast voucher that I bought at Groupon.  But they were closed for a wedding reception.  And since it was pouring rain, we decided to go to Antonio's Grill instead.  The one near the Starbucks/Pancake house area.  The last time I was in Antonio's Grill was about 3 years ago.  And I remembered the food was awesome.

We wanted soup, because it was raining so hard and was quite chilly.  But then I remembered their Sizzling Bulalo.  However, if we get the Sizzling Bulalo, we won't have the soup.  Good thing the waiter offered to give us free Bulalo soup :)  So yes, Sizzling Bulalo it is, which was still yummy as I remembered it. 

The very yummy Ginataang Monggo

Then we got the Ginataang Monggo.  Monggo is one of my favorite beans.  And put in gata, it's so yummy!  It's the best Monggo I've ever had.

Inihaw na Liempo

  Then we got the Inihaw na Liempo.  It was nothing spectacular, but it wasn't bad either.

Turon with langka

For dessert, we got the Turon with Langka.  It was quite good.  Although because of the sugar syrup, it was a bit sweet for my Mama.

I was happy to know that Antonio's didn't disappoint after all these years.  Food was still awesome.  Service was fast and efficient.  We find that in some restaurants, after a few hit years, food and service decline.  But this is not so with Antonio's Grill.  Good job!  3 snaps for ya :D

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sit back and have a massage

After all the stresses of this week's habagat rains, we all need to sit back and relax.  Mr Sun finally came out Friday morning, but then it still rained in the afternoon.  For most of the offices on Tuesday and Wednesday, work was already suspended in Metro Manila.  But since we can work from home, we still had to "work" from home.  No work suspension whatsoever.

Work has still been full this week, so I was totally spent come Friday afternoon.  And as I was on a quick break in front of the tv, my son offered to massage my feet.  He saw that I was tired and I've been glued to my computer the whole day.  He's such as sweetie.... sometimes :D

Happy Friday folks!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Super Mario saves the day!

My boys with his favorites - Angry Birds, Mario & Luigi
Raining time again in our side of the planet.  It's been more than 10 days with non-stop raining, heaviest of which in the last 3 days.  It's no wonder that it's flooded all over the metro.  So it's quite difficult to go in to work, and harded to get out of work if you're already in.  A lot of people are homeless and hungry.  Relief efforts are in full swing, any help is welcome.

We've been praying for the safety of our kababayans for the past 4 days.  Classes have been suspended for 2 days already, same as last week's.  I appreciate that our governor has been top of the announcements, announcing them early, unlike other government officials.

Thankfully, our family is spared from the flooding.  But not from the rains.  I made sure that we have enough food supply for more than a week, drinking water as well.  All our emergency lights and phones are charged.  We have enough candles and matches too.  We don't have transistor radio though.  But at least we'll have twitter and facebook from our phones.  I'm truly touched too with family and friends who kept in touch and checked in on us.

Yesterday, we were all tuned in to the news and we're all vigilant, but not scared.  My little boy, provided us with a little comic relief.  During dinner, and after a lengthy discussion on why he should eat vegetables, he suddenly blurted out:

Little boy: "Mom, why don't have a nickname?" (technically he doesn't, we call him using his first name)

Me: "Why you want a nickname?"

Little boy: "Yes!" 

Me: "Ok, you choose your own nickname."

Little boy: (ponders for a few minutes) "Call me Mario!"  (he's a fan of Super Mario) 

Little boy: (after a few minutes) "No, call me Ogie!"  (of Ogie and the Cockroaches)

So yes, my son will now answer to the name of Ogie.  :D

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Me, a juggler

My seatmate for two days
 It has been a rather busy weekend and week - in all fronts.  At home, we're changing our car and so I had to do multiple errands for it, like changing the speakers of the stereo, making sure the documents are all in order, this is on top of coordinating with the buyer.  Selling a valuable item is a lot of work, I tell ya!  Plus I got emotional about selling the car LOL  The other day, I thought I was driving it for one last time, I got teary eyed.  I know, I am mababaw ang luha :P

My folks were at home to visit.  I love having them here but they do demand a lot of my time and attention.  I do love having my Mama close by, she always has a story to tell.  And I've started to watch Walang Hanggan, a teleserye, because of her haha!

The little boy stayed home for 2 days because classes have been suspended due to the Typhoon Gener.  We were all holed up at home, except for the hubby of course.  When classes resumed, it did so with a bang.  They're in the tail-end of the first quarter with exams on August 13-17, this means quizzes everyday.  And he has Mandarin lessons too, which is alien to me.  Wish me luck with the tutorials!  Plus this school bus operator is irritating me.  Sadly I signed a 10 month contract with them, so it'll be difficult to pull out of it.  Hay.  We have to make it work!

While waiting for dear hubby
Work has rather been hectic lately as well.  I haven't had a day without conference calls or clients phoning me for questions.  Project, clean-ups, reports and client issues come up left and right, and right after another.  Sometimes I feel like my to-do list is endless.  I have notes, post-its and reminders all over the place.  Thank God I learned prioritizing :P

Thankfully, I am finding myself taking on each day, without much stress.  Emphasis on the MUCH.  There's still stress, but it's manageable. I sometimes don't finish my tasks, spilling over stuff to the next day, because well, there is always the next day :)  I don't over stress about unticked items in my list, like I used to before. 

I am thankful that I have a loving, although makulit, family.  I am thankful for a job that allows me to work from home, from the road, from the car shop, from my son's school, from practically anywhere.  I am thankful for the opportunities to learn more about life and  relationships.  And I am thankful for the ability to laugh at myself, with others, for others.  Juggling family and work, with everything in between, has never been easy.  But it's made easier with prayers, with a God who can always turn to for everything and anything.