Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A beginning for all Pinoys

Today was Noynoy's inaguaration and the whole country halted* to witness this hand-over of power.  I feel hopeful about this new administration.  But I'm also tempering my hopefulness with reality.  For our country to go forward is not just the job of the president, it's really the job of the whole nation. 

I don't remember being hopeful when GMA won.  I pray that's a sign of good things to come.

1.  The event started ahead of time, coz Noynoy left his home on time.  Good start, right?
2.  Charice sang the national anthem the right way.
3.  Apo Hiking, Noel Cabangon, Ryan Cayabyab, Madrigal Singers - all top notch performers.  I was puzzled with Christian Bautista apperance.  It was so out of place.
4.  Noynoy's speech was humbling.  And whatever he campaigned for, he still stands by.

*with the exception of the call center people and global companies who have 24/5 or 24/7 operations.  Like the company I work for.  So yes, I was half watching the TV and working. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Halfway house visit

The company I work for organized an outreach program last summer.  There were a few options, but I signed up for a halfway house in QC.  This was at the ChildHaus along E Rodriguez.  Child Haus is a half way home for cancer striken children, who come from the provinces and get treatments here in Manila.

Going there, I didn't know what to expect.  Having studied right next door to PGH and having had room mates who were Nursing students at UP, I've been to government hospitals, including the cancer center at PGH.  So I had an idea about what to expect in government hospitals, but no clue about half way homes. 

During the orientation, we were advised not to go if we have colds, coughs, fever or even when we're feeling slightly sick.  Because of the kids' immune system is off, they can get the virus and fall sick.  We were also advised not to show sadness and cry in front of them.  The kids and their parents are already going through something difficult, they shouldn't feel more down.

So we were there to spend time with them, entertain them with activities such as bead making, story telling, painting and playing.  We were also there to talk to the parents, to keep them entertained and if they wanted to talk.

The kids and the parents really made ChildHaus their home.  Some have even stayed there for 10 years.  Some have moved on to the other life, some have gone home healed and some are still undergoing treatments.  Kids, being kids, were very pleased to have visitors.  I got a ward who was 5 years old, a very happy, talkative little girl.  She's full of enthusiam, possitivity, questions and energy.  Borrowing Simon Cowell's words : she's a funny little thing.  She first wanted to do jewelry, so we made her a necklace, ring, earrings.  And then we moved on to do painting.  She has leukemia and has been undergoing chemotherapy for 2 years.  Since she's responding possitively to the treatments, she might be able to go home come December.  Such blessing!

Afterwards, Jollibee came to visit and we shared food with kids and the parents.  We ended the visit with the kids singing songs for us.  I didn't even attempt to listen, I would just cry my heart out.  I don't do well with kids, specially with kids who are sick but are still able to give back.  Ah, my heart will simply break! I'm weak like that LOL

I left Child Haus amazed at how they have lived their lives and continue to live their lives.  Going there, I expected to see a gloomy place, with sad kids and heavy hearted parents.  But I left with memories of happy kids, hopeful parents.  Life is indeed unexpected and I think, it is in the unexpected that we're able to grow.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Major PMSing

So, this morning, I missed my ride.  The 3rd day in a row.  And with school year starting again, traffic is horrible, to say the least.  Tuesday and Wednesday, I was standing on the bus.  For more than one freaking  hour!  So when I saw the empty parking space, I couldn't help the tears LOL  I was not ready to stand for an hour again.  And I didn't want to drive coz I was sleepy.  And yes, I'm PMSing too LOL  So help me God :D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fitflop is LOVE!

Initially, I was pessimistic about Fitflop.  "Get a workout while you walk".  I firmly believe that when it's too good to be true, it probably is :)  Right?  So anyway, my mommy friends where going gaga over it. 

When I finnally checked it out, I thought it was a bit pricey.  About PhP3,400+.  For a pair of "slippers".  But it was so comfortable... and it had blings hehe  When I got mine, I hardly take it off.  It's awesome!  Seriously! 

Usually after for long walks, my back aches.  But since FitFlop, backache is history.  Swear!  Mind you this is not a paid entry.  This entry is really just for the love of FitFlops :)  Now, I should get the brown one...maybe by the end of the month *wink*

Never mind the ugly toes :D

Monday, June 14, 2010

Random realizations

I've known about bonds, equities, loans, mutual funds and other investment vehicles for 12 years now.  Just about right since I do work in the best (naks! claim na etoh! LOL) Financial data provider for 12 years.  I've always wanted to invest more, I didn't know how or who to approach.  I finally found someone who thought me who to speak to about investments.  And I will!  And I will share it with my family and friends.


Seriously dieting is depressing LOL  I'm dying to get another bite of lechon.  But my diet guru explicitly orders me not to.  The thing is, I know that the lechon is not the table, really within my reach :(


I'm a stage Mom... and I think everyone is LOL  I do tone it down a little bit since I promised that I won't be one.


I like helping people.  Specially someone who I know will not be able to pay me back.  I guess that's the essence of helping out, right?


When you bike or do something physical, you have to have something in your tummy.  Or else you'll end up not reaching your goal.


I'm a married woman.  And though my husband doesn't expect me to "serve" him, I can't just go on girl gimmicks like there's no tomorrow and my friends and I won't see each other in 6 months. 

No matter how old I will be, I will always look forward to my Mom's visits.  Always.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

To infinity and beyond!

On the last weekend of May, I dragged my whole family to SM Mall of Asia.  Partly to surprise my little one with Woody and Buzz Lightyear.  And also to watch Shrek Forever After in 3D.

We had a meet & greet with Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

Now, the little one calls himself Woody.  I'm Jessie.  His Dad is Buzz Lightyear.

Can't wait for June 17!  It's Toy Story 3 and we're all geared to watch it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My boy's all grown up

Yesterday was my little one's first day back in school.  It's already his third year in school, he started in 2008 when he was still 2.  I brought him since it's been our tradition to bring him on the first day of school.  We had a big of an issue coz he refused to go in the room, after being excited for a couple of weeks.  So I had to accompany him inside for around an hour, and slipped out when he was comfortable.  He became so comfortable that he asked to stay 5 more minutes after class.

I don't get to bring him to school all the time, with me working and all :P So he has been taking a school service since 2008, but always with the Yaya.  For this school year, he decided to go to school on his own, no Yaya in tow.  Initially, I was hesitant.  I mean, he's just 4.  But he was very adamant that he'll go on his own, so we let him.

And today is his first day on the school bus alone.  I was excited for him and proud too, this is first step of independence.  But I'm also terrified for myself haha  My little boy is growing up.  Today going to school alone, the next thing I know, he'd want to go out alone!  As a parent though, one has to be brave to be able to let go.  I can only guide him and pray for his safety.

He's off to school and all's quiet at home.  I have the TV to myself.  But I miss him like crazy.  Three hours seems too long haha

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Missing: Wonderful Pablo

He's my son's best playmate and companion.  He goes with us everywhere - to Cagayan de Oro, to the grocery, to Tagaytay, to the mall, to church, to party, to the hospital.  And he's gone.  The last time we were with him was Friday, when we went to the hospital for the quick flu vaccine.  My little one seems to not care.  I'm the one more affected... hehe

In case you see him, can you PM me? :)  He's a well loved friend.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Weekend list

Below are the things I wanted to do over the weekend... Let's see how I fared...

Want to do this weekend:
1.  Watch Prince of Persia - I've been itching to do watch the film since last week.  But we couldn't find the time or when we found the time, I wasn't in the mood.  We were scheduled to watch Friday night, but I had to work on a report due 12 midnight.  So it's rescheduled again.  Monday, perhaps?
2.  Watch Sex and The City - Already made plans with my UP girls on Saturday.  We found out one friend is arriving and another is pregnant so we ended up cathing up for 4 hours :D  SATC probably on Wednesday...
3.  Bike! - Sunday morning was the time :)
4.  Yoga - This was supposed to be Saturday morning, sadly it didn't pan out.  Maybe next week.
5.  Visit the salon for some hair pampering - Rescheduled when Mama is here next weekend!

To dos:
1.  Grocery - S&R visited on Friday.
2.  Palengke - check!
3.  Prepare my little one's school supplies - He's on his 3 school year and it's transition class, so his classes will be earlier.  He said that he's excited to see his friends.  I'm excited to see him excited.
4.  Get the flu shots for the family - done!
5.  Sell our PC - we haven't been using it since the hubs and I each have a laptop.  It's an idle asset, so better to sell it, right?

I'm actually looking forward to Monday... mainly because it's a long weekend next.  Have a great week all!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Creep at the park

We went out to a big water park for the family outing last April. It was a fun day but was capped by an unnerving event. Enough for us to go to the police and report it.

It started while I was waiting for my sister to get her henna tattoo finished. I was sitting by near the shower area, then I saw a man with a video camera following two little girls in bathing suits. He looked like the father or the uncle of the girls. So I just dismissed him. After a few minutes, I noticed him again, a little further away still filming, but different little girls in bathing suits. When he noticed that I was staring, coz I was really staring this time, he moved away. He was acting so weird, so suspicious.

When we were about to go home, I told my husband of what I suspect. And we decided to tell the security people of the place, who were actually already investigating the guy. They said that a mother reported him the previous weekend but they didn’t catch him.
Long story short, he was caught. When they looked at what he was filming – he was filming little girls in bathing suits. Little girls who are 10 and below. When asked why he did that, he said he gets aroused watching them. He got excited watching the girls – sick right? I was super grossed out. Get this, that guy looked like a good soul. Like a doctor. Or a teacher. A banker even. He speaks softly. He speaks and acts like an educated person. But he certainly was a pedophile.

Sadly though, there’s no law against Pedophilia in our country. He got detained for a night. But was let go. It’s all so frustrating and alarming. I took a picture of the creep, to remind me of what he looks like and looks indeed are deceiving. I’m itching to post it here, to warn people of what he is and what he’s done, but it’s also a risk.

As a parent, what can you do to protect your children from a world where there are laws against pedophilia? It’s a scary world out there, but do you tell your children how scary it is? I have a little boy, so he wasn’t in the video but I got friends who had daughters in the film. I asked them if they told their girls what happened. One mom said she told her daughters about being filmed without their knowledge. Just so they know they should vigilant about their surroundings. But one mom didn’t inform her girls. She reasoned that they were too innocent for such information.

I personally don’t know if I’d tell my child of what happened. If there’s one thing I learned from that experience, it is to be vigilant about your surroundings. Don’t trust people easily and to be careful of what you wear in public places.

I’m writing this to warn Moms, and Dads too. It’s our responsibility to take care of our kids, that includes keeping an eye for them. There really are creeps out there.