Saturday, June 30, 2012

Staycation at B Hotel

I and the little one enjoying our day "out", rather "in"
Last weekend, tired from well, life in general and work in particular, Hubby suddenly surprised me with a proposal to stay at a hotel. We initially planned for Tagaytay. Coz really, who can ever be wrong with Tagaytay. But I couldn't get a reservation at Taal Vista.

So I searched for hotels in nearby Alabang and found one - B Hotel. It's also owned and operated by the same group at Bellevue. And surprise, they had a rainy day promo. For just P4k, you get a standard room and P5.5k (thereabout), you get a pent house. Difference between the two aside from size is a tub. So we went with the pent house. And oh it was lovely! The place was large, clean, new and smelled heavenly. The bed was large, more than enough room for two adults and a little rascal.

He had two of these lovely bubble baths during our stay
We stayed in the whole weekend. Just relaxing, watching tv - which they had 2, one for the common area and one in the bedroom. We had dinner delivered, coz we were really into staying in. The next day, we slept in and only woke in time for the buffet breakfast. The breakfast food though wasn't spectacular as I expected. Although the champorado was heavenly.

It was an awesome vacation, all in all. It also boils down to the people you're with. And well, the hotel you stay at too.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yay for this weekend's pure, unadulterated R&R!

Finally spending time out with my boys for some long overdue R&R.  It's rather been a hectic month and before I dive into the frenzy again next week, we're headed out to spend a night out of the house.  But first we have to attend a children's party - we've actually been invited to 2, but don't think we can still make it to the second one.  We'll just pop by at the 2nd party and drop our gifts (yes, gifts, since it's a joint celebration).

Yay for all of spontaneous weekend plans and more Yay for end of summer hotel promos :D  Happy weekend folks!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Green love

The past summer, I've been growing my modest herb garden. We don't have a big yard and the soil isn't good for plants.  So I had to do a choose the plants I want to grow and also buy garden soil.

There's my Basil, Celery, Taragon (herbs), Sampaguita and Pink Roses

Our very small front yard.  I fancy myself a gardener LOL

Tools of the trade - gloves and clippers
New buds - Taragon, Roses, Lemon Grass and Citronella

I'm still growing my garden and I've added Lemon Grass (Tanlad in Bisaya), Citronella to keep the mosquittos away, Bell Peppers, Calamnsi and a couple more flowering plants.  I'm a little bit proud of what I've been able to do.  I grew up with professional agriculturists - my Mama and my Uncle - so I thought I'd have this easy, but gardening is hard! It's labor intensive and sometimes frustrating too, especially when your small buds suddenly die.  The insects can be quite harsh as well.  In our area, red fire ants are abundant and they even got to my Bell Pepper before I did.  Kainez! LOL

But it's also fun and a great stress reliever :)  Who knew that this girl who always tried to skip gardening in grade school would be growing a garden, eh? LOL

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

From Cartoon Network to Basketball

As summer rolled in, we enrolled our little boy for a summer basketball clinic.  It's not a school based program but it's being done in my son's previous school.  Their program combines basic basketball skills thru drills and application of the skills thru a real game, they even had a tournament half way through the clinic.

He's one of the youngest in the clinic, and one of the most involved.  If before the clinic, he liked basketball, right now, he's crazy about basketball.  Crazy enough that he no longer watches as much Cartoon Network, but shifts to NBA :D

The little boy isn't the best of the players... yet :P But he's learned a lot and he's become more active.  He's made new friends and basketball has taught him teamwork, discipline and following rules.  I'm sure this won't be the last summer clinic he'll join, in fact, he's interested to join throughout the school year.  I'm a bit hesitant though since he'll be starting in a new school and he'll be Grade 1.  We can look it up again next summer.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Best Ice Cream Bar EVAH!

While waiting for my little boy's summer Math lessons, I browsed inside a small Korean store in the building.  I found this ice cream bar.  It looked interesting and it's only for P25, so I got one.  And boy, did I not regret unwrapping it!  It was so good!  Probably the best ice cream bar I've had.  It was creamy and tasteful, but not too sweet.  I can't do sweet much as I'm diabetic.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Another movie to watch in the cimena - The Bourne Legacy :)

Call Me Maybe - More Fun in the Philippines! INDEED!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Empty Nest?

School's about to start in our side of the world. My son will be in grade 1 in a week. And he will be having lunch at school, every weekday. That's five days a week. For the next 12 years. Whoa!

I'm beginning to feel a bit sad about this not-eating-lunch-at-home set-up. I've arranged to work as much as I can at home and have been used to eating lunch with my boy. But now that he's not going to have lunch at home, should I still work from home?

Looks like mommy's having a separation anxiety. While my little one was so excited yesterday when we toured his new school and he saw his cafeteria. He asked if he can carry his tray and if he can eat with classmates.

I know, I've got to let go. But not yet. Not until summer is really over and he starts back at school. And that's still 10 days away.