Thursday, October 13, 2011

My work desk - at home

I haven't been out to my "real" office this week - on my 4th day running.  So I thought I'd share what my work desk looks like at home.  It isn't much, but for some reason I very much rather like working at home more than I do at the office.  Although on hot summer days, I'd rather freeze at the office than fry in my own oil at home.  Anyway...

My very messy work desk at home
I've converted our old dining table into our work desk.  This is where the hubby also does his OT work or online "window" shopping :D  I do lots of things here, like work, blog, facebook, tweet, pay bills, online banking, skyping, scrapbooking, gift wrapping.  You name it, this table has seen it all.  And more, in fact :D

To my right is a window where some birds take refuge on rainy days.  To my left is the flight of stairs and where we also put the towels to dry - dual purpose.  In front of the desk is a small window and a blank wall.  I'm still thinking what to put against the wall.  I'm thinking bookshelves or paintings.  We'll see how this progress.

My trusty Blackberry and Ipod
I can't live without both.  I even sleep with them under my pillow.  I get in touch with people from work, the hubby, family and friends through my blackberry.  For me, BBM is LOVE :D  My Ipod gives me music (listening to Miss Saigon sound track at mo, and yes, I love musicals).  I'm a huge fan of Plants vs Zombies!  I play PvZ before going to sleep.  If I get stumped at an issue at work, I play PvZ to give me a short break.  I play it while waiting in line.  It's my daily doze of relaxation hehe

Blackberry earphones
 I need this for those quick calls with officemates or clients.  It works great as it takes out all the ambient noise and I get to hear clearly what the other person is saying in the other line.  And they won't know where I'm at!  Plus very convenient coz I'm hands free.

Landline with speaker phone
There are times when the wireless signal go haywire, like you know, last night, I have my speaker phone to use during conference calls.  The unit actually has a handphone, but for the life of me, I can't find it.  So all my landline calls are on speaker, even when I order our gas or set an appointment with our suking Spa LOL

External drives
Let's just say that I have lots of files, both work and not work related.  So I have lots of external drives.  There's even a red one, but it's plugged into our media drive downstairs.

I'm a fan of CD-R King
And because I have lots of stuff attached to my laptop, I need a USB port.  Hence the blue USB port from CD-R King.  And I when I need to upload pictures, I have the CD-R King card reader.  Both are really cheap and work well.  My card reader is already as old as my son and even survived about 2 other card readers.  My USB port is quite new, but so far, it's doing it's job really well.

Fan-ny han-ny
There's a small fan for my laptop.  And then a desk calendar, to keep me updated hehe!  And an well, an extension wire for the power cords.

To file and pay
 At the other end of the table, I keep the things to file, fill-out and pay.  I keep it in a separate corner where there's space for writing.

So, that's my work space.  What about yours?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To red or not to red

I'm not an expert in make-up, in fact, I don't do a lot of make-up.  I have to attend a close friend's wedding, so I had to practice putting on make up.  So I did a couple of experiments and had my boys judge.  Here's what I did:

The hubby thinks the pale pink is better.  He likes the natural look.  The little one loves the red.  Coz red is nice, right? LOL

So what do you think?

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Small talk

While driving towards Laiya last Wednesday night with friends, they commented that I wouldn't last a minute without talking.  I really think that I would.  I mean, there would be moments when I'm with the hubby that we don't talk.  And not just when I don't "feel" talking to him, but those moments when we have coffee and just relax.  But then, my friends proved me wrong on that very night.  LOL.

Last night hubby and I were waiting for our take-away dinner.  We both just had our hair cuts.  And I was still mourning the loss of my long curly hair.  It was just getting too dry, so I had to chop off the dry roots. 
Anyway, the conversation went like this:

We converse in Bisaya so I've added the English transaction
Me: Ganahan ka sa akong mubong buhok? (Do you like my shorter hair?)

Hubby: Yes.
Me: Mas ganahan ka sa akong mubo or taas na buhok? (Do you like my shorter hair or my longer hair?)
Hubby: Mubo (Shorter hair)
Me: Mas ganahan ka sa akong mubo na straight or taas na kulot? (Do you like my shorter straight hair or my longer curly hair?)
Hubby: Mubo (Shorter hair)
Me: Dili diay ka ganahan sa akong kulot na buhok? (You don't like my curly hair?)
Hubby: Dili (No)
Me: Nganong ganahan man ka sa akong mubo nga straight hair? (Why do you like my shorter straight hair?)
Hubby:  Daghanang pangutana sa buhok oi! (Too many questions on hair!)
Me: hehehehe