Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kids are so funny!

“Mom, there’s a party in my tummy.” - Said my little one after we had lunch at home. Asked him what he meant, he said that he’s already full and doesn’t want to take another bite. =)

“Ya, I ate this morning.” – Answered my little one after we caught him licking something from his finger, which came from his nose…. It turned out to be his booger. =D

“Five little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head. Mommy called the doctor. The doctor said, No more monkeys jumping on the bed.” – My little one suddenly sang out while we were on our way to pick up his Dad. That was a Tuesday, he memorized that song just the day before. =)

I just love how kids are so honest. I pray and wish that the little keeps being honest, even when he's grown up.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Not a "Smart" broadband after all

I've been a Smartbro user for over a year now. I wanted to switch to PLDT DSL for the longest time, as friends said that it's definitely better than Smartbro...but I had a one year lock-in with Smartbro. And when that passed, I just didn't have time to go to PLDT.

But this is definitely it! We've been having really lousy connection for the past 3 days. Either I get a "Cannot find server" error or connection is extremely, superbly s.....l......o......w. And so I called the Customer Service hotline, I was on hold for about 10 mins. And all the girl could tell me was to observe the connection in the next 24 hours. WHAT. DO. YOU. MEAN?! Seriously?!

Tomorrow is a new day. And hopefully a start to a new, fast internet service life!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Working while facing the rain

I was working from home today. Before when we didn't have a router, I work from our computer room where my PC was facing the wall. Thank God for routers, I'm able to work anywhere in our (little) house.

So today, I worked from our bedroom, beside my little one. I also worked from our dining table, which faces a window. And since it was raining, I was working facing the rain. It is such a great respite from facing the wall, from work itself, and from the summer heat as well.

Well, thank God for summer rains :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sundays day-offs

I loved spending Sundays with just my 2 boys. The maids took the weekend off, two weeks in a row. I guess that's also fine, they're going to be replaced soon and I'm really looking forward to no-frown days.

We heard mass, like we always do at 10am. Then a bit of grocery shopping and lunch at home. It's TV time, Hubs is watching boxing. The little one is playing, watched Dumbo on the computer and now asking for my phone to talk to Lola. After I cleaned up our lunch, watched boxing a bit with the hubs. And now spending time with the boy.

It's wonderful, restful and fun. I'm beginning to like this a lot.

Happy weekend all!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Are they kidding me?!

I've been watching TV on the side today and saw a couple of "infomercials" of Philippine senators. Alright of Mar Roxas and Manny Villar. Com'on! Do they really think that Filipinos are THAT brainless? Those are totally electioneering. And Manny Villar used his own funds to bring OFWs back? Hello?!

There's a public school I passed by the other day. And the gate was full of banners by politicians congratulating graduates. Absolutely every inch had a tarpaulin, from an SK kagawad, Barangay kagawad to a congressman. If that is not electioneering, I don't know what is.

This is really irratating me. That's why every Filipino with a mind and hopes to see improvement here should vote. I've been voting since I was 15 for the SK elections and I will always vote. Other skeptics would say 1 vote will not matter, but it actually does. So seriously. Please do vote next year.

And seriously? Politicians should just stop kidding us. Seriously.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mall rats, we are not

We're not a mall-going family. Which means we hardly visit the mall - for shopping, watching movies, eat out or doing grocery shopping. Not that we don't do any of those, we just don't do it in a mall. I do my shopping in shops around Makati or in Paseo de Sta Rosa. We watch movies in our own home, where we can pause the movie any time. We eat out at restaurants outside the mall, near our home or in Tagaytay. We do our groceries at the Rustan's Fresh.

We realized about a year ago that you can do all these things outside of the mall. So we shifted our minds and behavior, and we continue doing so. That decision wasn't born out of anything dramatic, we just don't like the mall crowd resulting in long lines, period. And hubs and I got tired of malls, when we were both single, we were practically camping out at malls (well, at least I was hehe).

We still go to malls once in a while. Maybe once a month or so. And when we do, the little one gets so excited. The other week, while we were on our way, he just suddenly blurted out "I'm so happy!". When asked why, he answered coz "We're going to SM!". Haha!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter slow down

It's almost 5pm and the little one is still taking his siesta. We're yaya and maid-less since yesterday, so a lot of bonding time with my boys.... and lots of work for me too. :D

We initially planned to go swimming today, after our 10am Sunday mass. After the mass, which we heard from lawn of the church, amidst the grass, the trees and the wind, we had lunch at Mocha Blends. The food was fine, but a bit pricey considering it was just the 3 of us. We headed home, planning to just take a short nap and then hopefully take a dip at the pool club house afterwards.

At home, it was too hot not to turn on the aircon. I figured we didn't spend a dime this Holy Week, having not gone on an out of town trip, so aircon is a justifiable expense hehehe Right.

This is a different way of spending the Holy Week. When I was single, I'd be dying if I don't spend the Holy Week at the beach. Be it at home in Cagayan de Oro, in Camiguin, in Medina, in Puerto Galera, in Boracay, in Zambales, in Subic. That was the Holy Week for me. Sea, sand, sun. With a drink in hand, always with a drink in hand :) Mix alcohol with the beach, what do you get? LOL

I remember that Rico Yan died on a Holy Week, I was vacationing with my family in Camiguin then. That Easter Sunday, we spent it at a hotel with my cousins. We were all swimming on the hotel's pool when Claudine Barretto was interviewed. My cousins were (I think still are! haha) chismis fanatics, so they all went up to the room to watch the interview. I also followed coz I was the only one left. While the interview was on going, the pool got deserted. Pool vs chismis? Chismis wins! LOL

When I was way younger, Holy Week in Salay, my Mom's hometown, meant praying and heading to church beginning Palm Sunday. Way of the Cross on Friday dawn. Then eating seafood galore. We'd have Biko or Suman. We should have been fasting but we'd have too many food at home. My Mom, I think, fears starvation LOL Sunday, I would be an angel at the Salubong. Been an angel til I was 13. Eeeewwwww. Haha! Easter means picnic at the beach, from sun-up to sun-down.

Our Easter now is spent differently. Just right now, I was writing memories of Easter of years ago, I got a bit nostalgic. Holy Week is very different when you're down in the provinces, or even just out of the city. It's spent differently here in Laguna, specially in our new, young community. It kinda feels like any other Sunday, so you need to get reminded that God has risen.

Happy Easter all!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Should life be perfect?

I was chatting with my college best bud over YM the other day... talking about relationships, marriage and life in general. We're never usually that deep, but that day, pending the Holy Week, we were unusually speaking our hearts and minds.

We were wishing new things, new beginnings to have a perfect life. We were wishing for problems, issues, baggage and generally unpleasant things to go away. For life to begin perfect. Then I thought maybe life would be too boring if we had it easy. As the prayer goes, life shouldn't be perfect coz perfection makes people dull...

As I reflected on that today, won't it be wonderful if we had all the answers to our questions? Won't it be less painful to know what to say and do in awkward situations? Won't it be just joyous to be able to just continue loving, without hurting at all? I honestly don't know for sure.

All I know is that when I used to just walk away without looking back, I now stay put. When I used to end the pain by quitting, I now feel the pain more by holding on. When I could so easily stop loving and end the hurting by not looking back, I keep looking so I don't end the loving and the hurt disappears through time. When could just I get mad and then get even, I get mad and pray to be forgiven.

Is this how life should be? Is that what I have committed myself forever to? Maybe it is. Maybe it's not. But is the decision that changes me. It's the decision that keeps me grounded. Enough to pain me at times. But in general, more than enough to keep me the happiest.

So yes, it gets tough. And it's really far from being perfect. But was I aiming for perfection in the first place? I surely am not and will never. I just want a life where I could be me, loving my loved ones, happily snug in my own little corner.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The 6 UNIMPORTANT Things That Make Me Happy

I adore tags! :) Thanks Kaith for tagging me :)

now the rules say:
Mention the person who tagged you
List 6 unimportant things that make you happy
Tag 6 blogs, state the rules and notify them with a teeny comment on their blog

1. Food for hot summer days
First on the list is green mango, with either ginamos (bagoong for Tagalogs) or toyo and suka with salt! My mouth is watering now! LOL Second would be boiled saging with again ginamos! Yum! Recently, I've been loving singkamas dipped in suka with salt. As I write, I have singkamas cooling in ref, ready to be devoured in a few mins :D

2. Ukay-ukay
I grew up hearing my Mom and her friends talk about Ukay-Ukay but I never really learned and loved the art (talagang ginawang art no? LOL) until about 5 years ago. I was living with my cousin then in Makati and she was a major Ukay girl. She brought me to the Ukay areas of Libertad in Manila. I haven't gone Ukay shopping in the past year, but I am rearing to go. An officemate mentioned Olivares area in Tagaytay for Ukay shopping. Something to do in the long weekend perhaps? :)

3. Pedicures :)
I guess it's a girl thing. I realized Kaith also has this in her list. I don't go for manicures though coz I easily chip off the nail polish. But pedicures I simply simply adore.

4. Doing the laundry
Can a chore make you happy? In my case, yes! I love washing clothes, I like the idea that you have a goal, to clean your clothes, you have the tools prepared and you can control the outcome of the activity. Oc-oc? hahaha! And the sound of water soothes me. I realized that washing clothes makes me happy when I was living alone, and single. I was looking forward to Saturday mornings, to wash clothes :) Seriously :)

5. Reading a really good book
Books just bring you to places you don't have to exert effort or spend money. Reading gives me this really natural high after I finish a really good book.

6. Accessories, accessories, accessories!
I swear earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, cocktail rings, brooches, belts, bags, head band just makes me really, really, really, really happy. I'm the ultimate accessories girl, if you go to my dresser more than half of it are accessories. So if you want to buy something for me, buy me an accessory. I will love you forever! hahaha

So, I'm tagging Sarge, Chitgoks, Hubs (?) :D

Monday, April 06, 2009

Long weekends

Could mean many things and could make new things happen. It could mean doing things that you previously didn't have time to do. It could give you time to reconnect and rebond with your husband, your kid and your friends.

I do wish that we'd normally have 3-day long weekends. I wish that we'd always find time to see who our partner really is.

I did all my errands in 2 days. Bugged the maids enough, and got things done. I played a lot with my son, we spent every second we had. He's growing up so fast, he told me "When I grow up, I will play tennis, basketball" :) He's a big growing boy.

Tomorrow is going to be swimming day! And BBQ lunch. Not just any BBQ mind you, but CDO-recipe BBQ. I'm totally excited! :)