Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Finding the one

I've been in a few relationships which I've also invested my heart and mind but unfortunately, didn't turn out right. When a relationship ends, its never easy because there have been feelings, emotions and a lot of other things involved, apart from other people. But I moved on... hoped and prayed that things will be better. When a relationship ends, I kept myself together, picked up the pieces and tried not to bring others down into my misery. I must admit it took a lot of courage, a lot of wisdom and a whole lot of prayers. And I wouldn't have done it without knowing and praying for better days to come.

Every broken relationship, however beautiful it was at the beginning, ends miserably. I would cry, hurt because it ended, hurt because I miss the other person, hurt because I was in pain. But I never took it against the other party. It just happens, you don't always end up with the person you want to be with... it may sound so angsty, but that's how the cookie crumbles honey. This is earth anyways, you don't always get what you want. If you did, then you'd be in heaven because God makes the rules and gives you the person that you're meant to be in His right time.

The one good thing about broken relationships is that you learn. You learn what real loving is about. You learn how not to give so much that you may end up wanting. You learn that you are a person, full and complete, even without that someone. You learn not to hurt others because you've been hurt. You learn that not everything is for you, that there are things that you can't do and there are things that you shouldn't do. And you learn to LET GO. Let life take its course, let God take control.

That's what exactly what happened to me. I let go and God led me to the "one". And I was just so amazed that it was just so easy to be with each other, because we are meant for each other. Because from the start, God has planned that we'd be for each other. Forever.

I'm not saying that our marriage is perfect, we still have A LOT to go through. That's the beauty of it actually, its learning to love each other more despite and inspite of the imperfections. And you're faced with that every single day. When the going gets tough, when its seemigly impossible to see why we are together, you go back to the roots... and that's because you love each other. No one can take that away from you. And no one should... that's the rule of loving forever.

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