Thursday, April 21, 2011

Perfect explanation

Kids grow up so fast!  My little one is not so little anymore and he asks and says the most interesting things.

Enjoying a late afternoon swim
The other week, we celebrated his Dad's promotion (congrats D! so proud of you!).  While we were preparing for bed, my little one, K, asked me "Why don't you get promoted too Mom?".  Ouch anak! haha

And really made me think.  I was a go-getter pre-motherhood.  I went for a promotion like there was no tomorrow.  I worked crazy hours and almost lived at the office, just to get promoted.  Thankfully I got promoted a lot then... I even became an Operations Manager for 2+ years. 

But then 2 years after I gave birth, I chose non-manegerial post and basically stepped off the rat race.  My role now gives me more time with my son and hubby since I could work from home and don't have a team to look after.  I don't have to render a lot of overtime work now too, which is great since my health can't take less than 7 hours of sleep.  The thing is, there isn't a lot of growth in my role now.  But it's all good and I like it.  No, I LOVE it.  It's perfect for me, since I don't need to get promoted to know what I'm worth.  I get salary increases annually, and I get good bonuses too (it could be better though haha). 

How do I explain all this to my son though?

Yesterday, I worked from home.  While we were at our room, about to take an afternoon nap, he was smiling his lovely smile and suddenly hugged me so tightly.  I asked him why he was so happy, he said "Because you're here".  And that's the perfect explanation to why I don't run after a promotion.


Shutterfairy said...

the sacrifices we have to make to make our kids happy... it includes giving up some of our dreams, but by giving up some, it is replaced by something bigger... the memories our kids have of us while they continue to grow.

Girlash said...

Time spent with them is priceless :) And I'd give up promotions in a heartbeat to spend more time with them...