Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Benchmarks, et al

How do you know when its the right relationship? Does being happy "all the time" make a good benchmark? Its never been proven that someone can be happy "all the time" so that benchmark is quite unachievable.

I've pondered this over and thought, maybe its the contentment of being with someone. That makes a relationship right. Even when you're not happy all the time and that there will be shitty moments, you still want to be with that person. Maybe when you're not afraid to make mistakes and that whatever your relationship will go through, you both know that you'll come of it fine.

So it is bad when you have your shitty moments, which is very usual these days, and you look out the window and you can't help but that think that you want out? And then you keep silent just so things won't get messed up? Even when you're dying to shout?

But you have your good moments too. And if they're good, they're really good. Even when they're far between.

How do you know when someone really loves you? As in really, really loves you? I know love isn't enough to make a relationship work. There should be honesty, friendship and trust. And it should be more just words. Its so easy to say "I love you" these days. Far too easy. But acting out on those words is hardest and that matters a whole lot.

Don't you just wish that these were taught and studied in school? That for every question, you'd have multiple choice answers and you just need to pick one and you'll be safe? If only life was like that. If only love was like that.


Anonymous said...

that's quite something sis i usually ask those questions myself... crazy how love works huh? but i guess being happy and contented is all that matters... take it from me..


Anonymous said...

by the way here's my email anne_rivera20@yahoo.com ciao!

Martiancloud Central said...

Hi, mukhang there's trouble in paradise... does Dale have a car? A dad of a friend once upon told us that how a guy drives a car with you in it, is how he will be like with you in a relationship.

Girlash said...
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Girlash said...

Hi Anne and Marda! Love is crazy indeed. We're just adjusting right now what's important is that I believe we'll pull through.