Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Disappearing act

Its weird, and funny at the same time, when you've become part of a couple and your friends are worried that you'll suddenly disappear out of their sight. That you become and try to be the everything to that someone. I do wish I am everything to that someone, but am not. And I know where I stand, only too well. Which suits me....at this point.

I've spent one too many days and nights by myself, isn't it about time that I spent my days with another being whom I love and loves me back? Not that I don't enjoy being with myself (who wouldn't?!?! hehe), but its such nice, comforting feeling to be with someone who enjoys you, who listens when you don't have anything to say, who makes you laugh about anything & everything, who can make you shiver like a grown woman and giggle like a school girl. Di ba?

My time may be focused on one now, probably because its very fresh and much too fun not to. However, that definitely doesn't mean I am not me anymore. I am still very much me, nothing less. In fact I feel I am more me now, more validated and more in touch with reality. So don't fret my beloved friends, I am not going to disappear out of your sight. Do I hear a "too bad" there? =)

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