Saturday, May 02, 2009

Before time stops tomorrow

It's the eve before the Pacquiao-Hatton fight and we're about ready as we can be. There's a live telecast in a nearby hotel and the hubs got his ticket already. For P500, he watches the game live, with free beer and food. Not bad, I think. ShangriLa Makati offers P1,200 for the live coverage and buffet food.

I'm staying put though, I'll live without watching it live.... unlike the hubs hehe! I'd just wait for the delayed telecast like the rest of the Filipinos.

We usually hear the 10am mass at our church. The fight's just about the same time, so we'll have to hear mass tomorrow afternoon. I can just imagine even our priest wouldn't want to celebrate the mass at 10! By 10am tomorrow, streets will be deserted, all Filipinos would be stuck in front of their TVs, rooting and praying for Pacman. I know I would be.

Good luck Pacman! The whole nation is already very proud of you. Just don't run for congress hehe!

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