Sunday, May 03, 2009

Late bloomer

I grew up watching my Mom and my Aunts do their make-up before they head out the door. I found the process enthralling, I would hang out my Mom's room while she does her face, watching her every move. I liked to witness her transformation, from plain Mama to a nicely made-up working Mama.

The whole process though I found tedious. When I started working and could officially wear make-up, I just didn't had any interest in make-up. Sometimes I would do face powder or lipstick. But most of the time, I would face the world without anything on my face.

That is until about 6 months ago. I started really liking this face powder by Maybeline. And then my friend gave me a really nice make-up brush from Body Shop for my birthday. When I was in HK last February, I killed time in Sasa. They have really interesting make-up and everything that went with it. I ended up buying a set of eye shadow and liquid eye liner. A good friend is my personal supplier of make-up, she's been giving me lipstick, lip shine and recently eye shadow.

Now I enjoy the process of putting on make-up. I only have one nice brush though, and would really love to win this from

I read in one article (totally forgot from where) that even when the world is experiencing recession, lipstick sales are still up. It goes to show that in depressing times, there's more reason to put on make-up. I personally find myself feeling better after I put on make-up. Somehow it lifts my spirit, probably because it helps to feel beautiful in these trying times.

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