Sunday, November 01, 2009

Stormy Saturday

The uprooted tree in front of our house

Strong winds started blowing Friday night, around 10pm, coupled with heavy rains.  We slept right after coming home but we still had electricity then.  A little after 2am, I suddenly woke up coz I heard a loud bang and a car alarm going off.  I feared our car was hit by the tree right beside where we parked.  By then, electricity was out, so it was difficult to see a thing outside.  I woke up the hubs to check it out with me.  The tree did get uprooted, and hit our neighbor's car.  We couldn't confirm the damage since it was too dark. 

Morning came, the rain and wind had subsided.  Our neighbor's car was hit by the tree, thankfully, the fall was stopped by another smaller tree.  So their car wasn't hit directly.  The hood wasn't spared though and the roofing caved slightly.  It could have been worse so we were all lucky.

Today, the birds are chirping like no storm passed.  Mr. Sun is smiling.  It's a great sunny day.  Happy Sunday and Happy All Saints' day all!

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