Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Of ropes and knots

It's been a roller coaster October and November so far.  I feel like I've been walking on the tight rope - with work, last week's vacation and the house titling stuff.  Before heading off to vacation, there were too many pending issues at work, with a pending trip approval hovering.  I even had to snuck a couple of work hours during vacation as my boss required me.  Good thing, I was able to get positive responses from my contacts.

These days, my insides feel like they're all tide up in knots. Although there are happy and positive updates, there are still a lot of knots to untangle.  For work, I still have to make 10 million calls tomorrow and the next few days, send out the surveys, organize the global Press Release schedule, attend to what the boss will require.  Make another trip to the Registry of Deeds on Thursday.  Start packing our stuff for the BIG move.  Orgazine our finances. Plan for the trip on the last week of November.  And I haven't even started on the Christmas shopping yet!  No Christmas tree yet pending the move.  I only decided to bring out the parol for now.

Thank God there are happy moments tucked in between the To Do's.  Time with my hubby and son.  Chats with family and friends.  Little happy things to make me hang on to the rope and let go of the knots.

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