Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dude, share the road!

I've been biking since April of 2010.  And I do enjoy it thoroughly, specially if I biked through a hilly road and I get there in one piece! :D Can't avoid passing through major roads in our area, there are really no other roads to use. 

I find that most Filipino drivers - cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles - don't know how to treat bikers on the road.  After all these near-death experiences, I though I'd share a couple of tips to drivers when they see bikers.  You might be able to save life or limb, or both.

1.  Don't honk your horns before passing by a biker.  Most bikers are aware of their surroundings.  We know if there's a car behind us - we hear you even before we see you.  There's really no need to honk your horns, dude.  Seriously.  Horns are quite loud you know, we could loose our hearing.
2.  If you overtake a biker, please give him/her, at least 1.5 meters distance.  Hello, we are balancing on a two-wheel thing, if we get distracted, we could so easily loose our balance and heaven forbid, you might run over us!
3.  Make bikers cross first.  When you're in an intersection and the biker is going straight, you'll be turning, make the bikers cross first.  Again, we're balancing on a two-wheel thing, a little consideration for us.
4.  When you're in a narrow road with a biker, slow down, better yet, wait for your turn.  Would you miss a life altering event if you just slowed  down for a bit?  Don't overtake a biker in a narrow road and again, don't honk your horn!

The above tips are not difficult to follow.  These are all I have for now... if I think of more, I'll post it here again.


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Shutterfairy said...

lllaavveetttt... women bikers inspire me. that sport is not only for men..hehehe.. go go more.