Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To red or not to red

I'm not an expert in make-up, in fact, I don't do a lot of make-up.  I have to attend a close friend's wedding, so I had to practice putting on make up.  So I did a couple of experiments and had my boys judge.  Here's what I did:

The hubby thinks the pale pink is better.  He likes the natural look.  The little one loves the red.  Coz red is nice, right? LOL

So what do you think?


Kaith said...

i like the red, too! :) special occasion naman, and u can always keep your eyes light with natural eyeshadow colors :)

Girlash said...

Coming from the make-up guru like you, I'm resolved na to use the red lipstick :D

Dea said...

The red looks good on you!

Actually, the pale pink one does as well, but red lipstick is easier to work with since you can go with natural eyes. If you use the pale one you'd have to define your eyes and make them darker so that you're not washed out. :)

I'm a fan of red lipstick, hehe!


Girlash said...

Thanks Dea! :) I went with the red lipstick :D

Siegfried said...

Mas ok ata yung red! :)

Girlash said...

Thanks Siegfried :D