Thursday, February 23, 2012

After Ash

As it was Ash Wednesday yesterday, and like most Catholic Filipinos, I went to hear mass.  I was with my lonesome self as the Hubs already had mass at work and the little one had "black cross on my head" given by the "Sister" at school.  My little one goes to a Catholic school run by Nuns, you see. 

We usually go hear mass at the St. Benedict Church right outside Ayala Westgrove.  It is a little farther from our home, but I just love it there, the church design is minimalist, it's so clean and airy.  Plus the crowd is thin and homilies are, well, relevant. 

Key take aways this Lent:
1. Pray
2. Give Alms
3. Fast

Aptly timed, yesterday, on my way to work (yes, yes, I do physically go to our office LOL), I saw a couple of backpackers (foreigners) on the corner of Ayala and Buendia Avenues.  They were speaking to street kids and then gave them food.  I was about two cars away, so I was able to take a picture.  Right there, giving alms, in the middle of a concrete jungle.

Thank you kind couple, for visiting our country and for feeding our street kids!


Siegfried said...

Malapit pala kayo sa Westgrove? My brother-in-law is staying there. We visited his place last December, nung umuwi kami. Ganda! Napag-isip-isip tuloy kami to abandon our plan for a condo unit in Bonifacio, and go for a retirement home na lang there. Ok ba talaga sa area na yan (not really Westgrove, in particular, but the whole Sta Rosa area)?

Girlash said...

Yup! We love our area, too much that I always work from home these days hehe It's really nice here kasi you have all the commercial establishments, there are good schools na din around. Xavier School is opening in June. and then it's still fresh and not polluted madaming outdoor activity - madaming bikers and runners dito na. Oh, and there is a hospital na din, if u want a bigger/nicer one, Asian Hospital is just less than 30-mins away. Oh, di ba, real estate agent na ako? haha