Monday, November 12, 2012


Been going through a rough time on the health front.  My Mom's specifically.  We're all scrambling to make sense out of all of the news.  My relatives have been our first allies.  I got a cousin who, without any prodding, went to be present at the test.  My Aunts and other cousins readily contributed when we said we'd have to raise funds - we didn't even have to ask.  They just gave.  Isn't that amazing?  Their hearts are just bursting with so much generosity.  That's what I love about our family, we are fiercely loyal.  And also fiercely tsismosa about each other's lives LOL.

Our little boy readily gave up his birthday plans, so he can give the money for his Lola.  I was the affected one, because I want to give him a great 7th birthday... but he happily gave it up.  I said we'll do a Jollibee birthday.  He said it's a waste of money.  He'll just have a playdate with friends

God is just an amazing God.  He's never put us down.  His love and mercy are endless.  When the news of what my Mom has first reached me, I couldn't contain my emotions.  I, myself, was in the hospital for a minor check-up the moment the results came out but I wasn't afraid for me, I was afraid what it meant for my family.  I desperately wanted to control my tears, but I couldn't.  First time I cried in an elevator ride.  First time I cried buckets at the hospital chapel.  I thought it was all hopeless and I didn't know how to pray so I just said that God will take care of it, He always has.  And He did, He still does. 

So today I heard wonderful news.  My Dad's health insurance will cover the very expensive procedure that my Mom needs ASAP.  We don't have worry about raising the funds.  We just have to think about Mama getting better.  It's an endless manifestation of God's goodness.  And I'm infinity grateful.  I'm totally floored!


Pinay New Yorker said...

Just keep your head up and believe.. keep the end of the day, that is your best weapon against any adversity. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers..

Girlash said...

Thanks so much for your thoughts. Praying really was our only weapon.