Monday, March 18, 2013

Housewifey lang ang peg

His daily duty

Goodness, I haven't written in eons!  Since my last post, it has been a steady frenzy of activity.  Work has been a stockpile of well, work.  Family kept me so busy as well - taking care of the hubby and son, my Mom came to stay with us for a month.  Oh, and my little boy turned 7!  I'll write a separate post on that, hubby and DIY most of the preparations.... nerve wracking, I tell you.  Lots of lessons learned there.

And, and!  My son's yaya of 6 six years has become pregnant suddenly, had a delicate pregnancy at that.  So from two Yaya's, both of them packed up and left.  They just left, 3 days before my son's birthday!  Good thing we found a new one, but she found our village too quiet.  She left after 3 weeks.  Well, she must have wanted a party all the time vibe LOL

We need a labandera!
So yes, I don't have a yaya.  Which means, I take care of EVERYTHING, plus I still have to work - FULL TIME, and be a tutor too.  The hubby helps and the little one too.  But mostly, I do the job.  The first week, my body ached all over.  I ached in "places no one will find". LOL  But on the second week, my body started to adjust.  It still aches but not as much anymore. 

Here are a couple of advantages without a yaya:

1.  It's so good to our budget!  The yayas salary are now ours (well, should be just mine actually hihi!) to spend.  Plus our grocery, food, toiletries, detergent and other stuff lasts longer.  Our 3k weekly food budget is lasting us 2 weeks.  Our dishwashing soap lasts almost 3 weeks.  More money, more shopping for me? haha

2.  I exactly know the state of our household.  Like I didn't know we didn't have decent clothesline for the laundry.  I didn't know also that we need clips or our mop has long died on us.  I also picked up a couple of organizing shelves for the kitchen. Coz the yayas never told me.  So our house is now well equipped.  I also enjoyed the shopping, needs to be said :D

3.  I actually really get to spend time with my son.  I'm the primary caregiver now, so everything he does, I take care of it.  Before, if he needed something, the first name he'll call is the yaya's.  Now, it's all "Mommy.....".  Lovin' it!

4.  We've become an independent family.  Whilst before, we leave everything to the yayas.  Even getting our water or our bag/s from the car.  I know, in hindsight, we were so spoiled rotten.  I'm ashamed of how we were, we're like the people on Wall-E.  The little boy has his duty - to set the table for meals, to pack away his toys and to put his used clothes on the laundry.  He still does need to be reminded, but overall he's happy to do it.  And he's learned how to shower on his own! :)  I'm loving how we're evolving.

I'm not saying it's easy not to have a yaya.  It's not, specially if you work full time and you still have a little one.  But for now, it's actually doable, when I thought it was impossible.  We do have to contend with a lot of clothes on the laundry basket and our floor can do with a mop, but our house is liveable and it's home. 

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