Monday, September 30, 2013

Life in the dark ages

Be warned:  This is a rant post.

Ever experienced no DSL/Broadband at home?  Well, I am now going through that, I'm back in the dark ages :(  Apparently, I forgot to pay our PLDT bill for a couple of months... not that I didn't have mullah.  But mainly because they didn't deliver our 2 months billing statements.  In August, I was a headless chicken because of my 11-day business trip, I didn't notice not receiving PLDT's billing statement.  I paid all our other bills before I left - but not PLDT. 

And then I came back from my trip, I got sick with the flu and then my birthday came around soon after.  Who can think of bills when you're still reeling from too much action, right?! LOL

It was only last Friday that I noticed I haven't seen any PLDT mail.  I checked my account's folder - I keep folders for each utility company:  electricity, cable, phone, and water.  And I was right, the last statement I had was for July.

I tried calling PLDT to no avail.  I can't even finish inputting the account number, the line's cut off.  Annoyed would be putting my state then.  Weekend came and errands just took over my two days, I didn't have time to call PLDT again.  But internet over the weekend was awfully slow.

Then today came and it was worse.  And worst still my DSL was restricted.  I tried to view my bill through the link PLDT provided but I couldn't.  So I called Billing Department again and it was difficult to get in touch, of course.  So I called the technical team and they told me I needed to pay.

Frustrating!!! Now, I'm at this cafe working in front of these kids, one of which just happened to sneeze without covering his mouth and nose.  Guess, who'll be drinking lots of Berocca tomorrow? LOL

I need my internet back ASAP.  For a WAHM, it's our lifeline.  Me need internet!

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