Friday, September 27, 2013

Down Undah Fevah!

The iconic Sydney Opera House
Good day mate!

I was fortunate enough to be sent to the land down under - Australia -  last month.  And it was definitely one place I would really like to migrate to or settle in.  I fell in love with how healthy they are - early morning runs in the CBD (some men run shirtless too!) and lunch time yoga or runs.  Little pockets of gardens or open spaces for people to hang out at.  The yummy, fresh and healthy food.  Lots of wines.  And beers.  And oh, did I mention the beaches yet?  Endless beaches - on the north and east.

The world famous Bondi beach

I haven't been even off the plane yet and I loved it already.  Perhaps because I'm small (in height), people always offered to help me with my carry on, pre-departure and upon landing.  They are laid back but competitive.  Friendly but not pushy. 

A very healthy duck just roaming in Narrabeen

Although shopping was not as good as in Hong Kong or Singapore, since the shops close at 5pm.  Ha.  And their shopping Thursday doesn't spell frenzy - it was just an ok day.  But they have Ikea and I can live with that.

Oh, I still dream of Sydney up to this day.  I'm wishing that one day I'd be able to bring my boys there.  To breathe, live and enjoy Sydney - as I did.  And so to also finally see the Koalas and Kangaroos.  Oh and not to forget the Tasmanian Devil too.

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