Friday, July 04, 2014

Jack (none the) Reacher


I was house visiting a dear friend in Sydney, she prepared my bed in their spare room - the office/library, when I noticed a book by Lee Child.  I have watched Jack Reacher the movie.  Which was not great, to be honest.  I knew my friend had impeccable taste in books (she's my friend, after all), so I was curious why she had the book when the movie sucked (sorry to those who love Tom Cruise, oh btw, Happy Birthday!).  R, my friend, said the book's lovely.  So I got curious and the minute I was able to sit down, I scoured the internet to find a copy.  And I did and downloaded all books into my Kindle…. And the rest as they say is history….

Since September of 2013 to June of 2014, I only had time for Jack Reacher.   I read all the books, one after the other.  Sometimes I forget when the one book starts and the other ends, I couldn’t tell the beginning from the end.  It was a wondrous experience, like listening to someone tell a story while drinking red wine and munching on cheese (or coke and chips if you’re me).  There were a few stories that I hurried over, just so I would know the ending.  There were stories that I had to finish, even with just 2 hours of sleep, because I was so into it.

I was raving of it to my friend, who liked adventures and spy novels, and he asked me why I liked it so much.  Jack Reacher is like McGyver.  If you’re an 80s kid, you’d know him.  Jack is also like Jason Borne, although less dramatic and taller.  Jack is also like Iron Man, but less showboating.  Jack is also like Dexter but without the serial killer gene.  He can also be Christian Grey, but without the twisted lovemaking moves.  Oh and he could be Manny Pacquiao, with all KOs he’s given.  So basically, he’s like this DIY kind of guy, who believes in justice, knows how to fight and hide his kill (more like kills really).  Who wouldn’t love him, right?

Go ahead and try reading Jack Reacher.  But don’t watch the movie. #sorryI’mNotSorry

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