Sunday, July 06, 2014

Ano po yun?

I was trialing a gym at this "exclusive" country club. Then a family of four came in, thats parents and two daughters. I think they can sense that I wasn't a member yet.

The youngest daughter was probably 8 or 9. They were all speaking in Filipino at first. Then suddenly, the Mom told the youngest this: "Daughter, tell the receptionist to turn on the other aircon."  Daughter said: "Ano po yun?".

So Mom said it again. And Daughter said: "Ano po yun?". 

Mom repeated it for the 3rd time. And Daughter replied the same thing for the 3rd time. 

So finally, Mom said: "Sabihin mo kay Ate na buksan ang aircon."  To which the Daughter said: "Ay ok po".

Tagalogin na lang kasi. Di naman bawal sa country club. 😃😝

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