Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Birthday pinks!

When you're turning 27 and single in a big city, loneliness hits you like big strong typhoon. So as I was preparing for the onslaught of the birthday blues about a couple of weeks ago, I was surprised by an old fling. I haven't seen or heard from him in eons. Well, that's an exag really, it was only about 1.5 years. Like the Pagasa's weather predictions, the looming typhoon changed directions. Or so I thought.

We had fun-fun time hanging out. He held my hand(!). A guy friend said that should mean something. For a romantic schmuck like me, I thought this year is going to be different. I won't be having birthday blues! Finally! I will be having birthday "pinks"! haha! Practically announced it to the whole fiefdom - which consists of my friends, my housemates, my mother and sister.

We went out again after a week, this was last weekend, officially 4 days before my birthday. In all honesty, I wasn't expecting anything except to have fun. But what transpired wasn't even in my wildest dreams or nightmares, as more appropriate. He treated me horribly, was distracted, wasn't himself. And the worst part, he just left for la-la land again without even saying proper goodbye.

Im not gonna analyze what happened coz I promised myself that I won't analyze anymore. Just let it be. It just happened. And even if I wanted to analyze it the whole day Sunday, I didn't have time. Busy shopping with a friend from the US. So the typhoon came rushing to me Sunday night when another old fling called. Now that's what a real fling should be, all gooey and sugary sweet. And I felt bad the whole day Monday, thought that my birthday is going to be blue. Yet again. For the nth time.

I woke up today feeling blah still. I was just working and feeling yucky when in a meeting, co-worker said something which struck me. We were discussing something about work recognition and she said that the attitude towards it should be commended. That's it. I realized that I have two choices: either be miserable when the clock strikes 12am later or be happy and celebrate because the clock stroke 12am.

So what if Im 27 and single? Who cares about jerk-o old fling? Im happy, contended, successful and appreciated, loved by family and friends. Starting today, no more birthday blues. Just birthday pinks. Simply because Im girlie.


Anonymous said...

I honor you my friend for having the courage to face the music...promise, it's just a start of more "birthday pinks" to come...it is when we face our worst monsters inside us and defeat them that we are able to move on with big smiles in our faces and in our hearts! GOD RULES!!! hAppY birdey again!!! CHEERS!!! sleeeep na koooo... he he he he

Anonymous said...

here's to a rainbow-hued life ahead. but honestly, pink suits you best. cheerio bday girl! ;)

jerry said...

i think you are great!!!

hoping to read more of you...

see you around.