Thursday, September 16, 2004

Waiting..... in vain?

Waiting has never been my forte. I hate waiting, I'd rather that people wait for me than I wait for them. I know its a bit selfish but I'm only human. We are allowed our little flaws.

Anyhow. Last night, I found myself waiting for my friends to show up for my birthday drinks. So I amused myself with thoughts of this weird guy (the jerk-o old flingy). In totality, he's a nice guy, brilliant too, being gorgeous is just a plus (yeah, right?!). He just doesn't know where he is headed or what he wants. When I first met him, I knew then that he was restless. He was 25 so I thought that's cute. It didn't matter that I couldn't figure him out as long we had fun. Now 3 years older, and he's still as restless as before, it isn't really cute anymore. Though he's still very, very gorgeous. Again, that's just a plus.

People claim that that women mature faster than men. And I've known couples who didn't mature at the same level. Some have to wait for their partner. Others just give up and look for someone else.

With that, I contemplated if I should wait for him to grow up. Or if I can wait for him to grow up.

Till today, I couldn't decide. The 15 minutes of down time certainly isn't enough. I will have to revisit that thought a little later. Maybe in 3 year's time.


Anonymous said...

Hey! This truly is a piece of work! What can I say... I'm left wanting.... It's like I'm left hanging with an unfinished story! What will happen with this little romance? Hmmmm...

Applause applause applause.... celebrate your girlashness girl!

jerry said...

albeit, not absolutely related to your blog:

i remember that i liked the way the lady lead of session road sing "waiting in vain."


Anonymous said...

Hoy Carings! Like I said, welcome to the world of blogging! Whooohooo! Looking forward to your posts :-*

-eLa- (guess who??!!?)

Anonymous said...

girl, 'twas nice....didnt know ur so talented... hope to see u soon