Monday, May 30, 2005

All that jazz

I am with someone. Quite recently. We've decided to be together without all the talk of undying love and promises of forever. It was done so simply, asked so simply and decided so simply.

"I want to be with you." If that was uttered to me a few years back, I wouldn't have reacted. I always had this fairy tale idea of getting proposed to - flowers, music, scenery. The works.

In fairness, we did have the scenery. But the conversation was very practical. Being someone who loves to talk and converse, I wasn't used to being told simply "I want to be with you." I wanted to discuss every tiny detail.

Surprisingly though, that sentence made all the pieces come together. Everything just fell into place. I knew too that in my heart, I want to be with him.

My friends and I made a list of qualities of my next boyfriend:
1. Dapat tiklop ako sa kanya.
Kasi I am very opinionated, I can think and speak my mind. So the next boyfriend should be able to understand and accept that about me, but at the same time should be commanding enough so I can listen to him. D, my boypren (hwehwe), is so bugoy and smart that I am often tiklop. Point 1 - check!

2. He should be successful in whatever field he is in.
D is doing really well in his work. He's been around and done stuff no one could pull off. Applause please! =)

3. Kind.
Though he acts and looks like a toughie, he's a softie inside. (And he's going to kill me if he reads this! hehe)

4. We have great conversations. And stuff (wink wink)
'nuf said.

He may not have promised me rainbows and castles. He may not have promised me pagmamahal na walang sukdulan. He may need to be pushed to meet someone from my circle. But he's seen me as me and still likes me, wants to be with me. And that's all the jazz I need.


Martiancloud Central said...

Aha!!!! Kaya ka pala giddy ha, ikaw gyud day! May pa D D ka pa dyan, si Dale of CdeO City yan no?!!!

So, when do I get to meet the dude, huh?

Pebbles said...

cheers to your new found love and warn this man that should he mess with you, i have so much pent up anger from others who have hurt me and I'm willing to pour it out on him...even if it IS unreasonable!!! happy for you, really!

Pebbles said...
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Anonymous said...

bonjour! i'm anne and it's nice reading your blogs =) bein in love is such a great feeling huh? i can tell coz' i am too =)hope we could be friends take care!