Friday, August 07, 2009

Ang tagal ng Pag-ibig!

No, not that pag-ibig (love). But this Pag-ibig.

We were advised by our HR that it would be good to take advantage of our SSS and Pag-ibig loans. So every 3 years or so, I apply for a salary loan from SSS and Pag-ibig. The SSS loan processing was so quick and painless hehe I applied for my loan, our company took care of all the processing and I just got the check through the mail. And then I went to have it encash it and voila, I was rich! LOL Well, not exactly. But you know, painless.

Not so with Pag-ibig. The processing was horrible. I was advised by HR that Pag-ibig will not accept applications through a representive, unlike SSS. So I had to process my own papers. Good thing the Pag-ibig office in Makati was near our office. I went on a Thursday, at around 9:30. Took a number from the guard and waited, get this, for 3 hours! Geez.

When the guy finally called my number, I was advised to go to another floor since they still had my single and married records separate. Another department need to consolidate my records. So I went up another 3
floors, and waited. Again. Then I had to back to the first guy to submit and he gave me a slip and said that my check should be out within two weeks, but advised to call first to verify. It was a day full of waiting.

After 2 weeks, I called. And called. And called. For 3 hours! The number was always busy and no one was answering the other number. I could have given up. But I don't back down that easily haha! And well, my phone could redial automatically and I had a speaker phone. So wait I did. After 10 million calls, someone finally answered and confirmed that my check was ready for pick-up.

So I trooped to Pag-ibig again. Gave the slip to counter 11 and waited, for 10 minutes. I thought that was fast and believed that was a good sign. I was advised that only ONE bank will encash the check. It was just right next door, so good right? NO! The line at that bank for encashment only was so long, I again had to wait for another 2 hours.

The Pag-ibig loan process is so unproductive. It was a very bad way to waste time. I hope something can be done to update the loan process, or they could have added more people to handle loans. Knocking on Pag-ibig's door!

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