Monday, August 31, 2009

A prayerful visit

I've heard of the Pink Sisters in Tagaytay. One may write one's prayer petition on a piece of paper and the nuns will pray for you. I have one prayer that I've been praying for and thought that a visit to the Pink Sisters would help.

I had planned to drag the hubs either last Saturday or Sunday. The little one had viral flu however, so we stayed home. Today, he feeling so much better so the hubs and I stepped out for a while and drove to the Pink Sisters Monastery. The place was semi-crowded, mostly weekender tourists, like us.

We prayed inside the chapel. I even got to pray a decade of the Rosary. It was wonderful.

Trees were abundant in Monastery's compound and there were a few butterflies as well. There was grotto where you have to go through an uphill trail to reach it. There was also a huge crucifix in front of the chapel. It's definitely a nice place to visit again, to pray and be one with the silent nuns in their petitions.

And here's the schedule of mass in case you'd want to go. I would love to hear mass on my birthday there :) Please? :)


Mai.Mai said...

we have pink sisters here in Cebu too. I like watching them pray during mornings.

whatever you're praying for, I hope it'll come soon.

Girlash said...

Thanks Mai! I hope so too :)