Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bonding moments

Hubs, little one and I are in front of our laptops.  Well, the little one is sharing his Dad's.  It's 10:31pm, they're playing a game on the net and I'm, well, obviously, blogging and facebooking :D  It's bedtime in 5 minutes.
This has been our usual pass time of late.  We hardly watch TV anymore, which is good.  I'm trying to cut down on TV time.
A few minutes ago, I asked the little on stand on my aching back.  I swear it's the best massage ever!  Better than Spa massage.  Cheaper and so much fun to do :)  My backache is gone and the little one had loads of fun.  Anyhoo, tomorrow's Friday!  And Friday, I'm in love! :) 


Mai.Mai said...

I bet you're addicted to farmtown, too?? hehe..

I ask my boys to do the same thing on my back. When they were still younger, they fight over who gets to do it first. Lately, they tell me to call our manang masseus. Enjoy it while you can.

Girlash said...

I havent played farmtown coz it looks addictive hehe Basin unya, I won't be able to stop :D

I cherish every moment when he's all mine...I'm sure whem he gets older, he'll have his own world na...