Thursday, September 03, 2009

Happy thoughts

The past 2 days an Aunt and a cousin have been driving me crazy. I didn't want to dwell on the issue, a rather unproductive one, so I wanted to keep my silence. But they are such buggers. It's rather been difficult and frustrating for the most part. Although now, I'm totally decided not to say anything anymore. I even deleted their numbers and names from my contact lists. Such a release.

This morning, I missed my bus. So I was forced to travel an additional 30 minutes to catch my ride to Makati. I would have been grumpy, but I was thankful that at least, I had a job which makes me happy and it doesn't make me idle. At all.

Anyway. As they say, happiness is a decision and I'm aiming for that. Happy thoughts for today:

1. A new belt. Well, am still planning on getting one. But the thought of buying one excites me!
2. New friends :) I have finally made friends with the other Moms at my son's school.
3. An old favorite friend resurfacing. She disappeared for a while, but now she's back with a vengance! haha
4. The little one healthy and virus free :D
5. Taebo session tomorrow
6. My upcoming birthday
7. A little girl on the other bus waving to me :)
8. Facebook updates from friends
9. A private joke shared with the hubs :D
10. Finally, tomorrow's Friday!

What are your happy thoughts today?


Mai.Mai said...

I'm like that too. I scratch unpleasant people from my contacts and totally forget them. Lol. Bad.

When's your bday?

I'm a virgo, too.

Girlash said...

On the 15th. When's yours?