Sunday, September 27, 2009

Survived Ondoy... and lived to tell

Yesterday's bagyo was bad. Early morning, it started raining hard... with winds pa! I knew it was bad when I was having breakfast and the tree beside our house was swaying like it was dancing to some rock music. I was bent on going to the palengke for our weekly food stock but the hubs won't hear of it. The rain and winds were going berserk then. Good thing we had a semi-full pantry, so we subsisted on whatever we had.

Then our internet went caput at around 10am. We still had electricity and cable, so it was bearable. Internet came back up at around 1pm, but then our cable went out. Without cable, we relied on the radio for news, and well, my friends' facebook updates. That's when I knew Marikina was mega-flooded. And Rizal too and parts of Metro Manila.

I called my Aunt and cousin in Rizal, but couldn't reach their cell phones and landlines yesterday afternoon. Until today actually, I still couldn't reach them. My parents, friends and cousins already called on check on us. I'm glad we have people who care enough to ask about us.

Laguna is spared, I believe. There were a few places submerged in flood water, but on the whole, Laguna's on dry land. Marikina, Rizal and Antipolo are worst hit, according to the late news last night. And yes, cable went back up at around 9am.

I offered my rosary this morning for those who are stranded and their houses under water. I pray for family in Cainta, who I still I haven't heard from. Please help pray for them too.


Siegfried said...

Oist! Good to know you and the family are okay. Before this morning, the last time I was able to talk to my Mom was Saturday afternoon (Manila time). All throughout Sunday, I was not able to call her. I was thinking that maybe she has her cellphone turned off because she's trying to conserve power, or the lines are overwhelmed by the volume of phonecalls. But nevertheless, I was worried sick, especially when I started to see all these flood videos in Youtube. Grabe. But this morning, I talked to my Mom na, and she was telling me that everything seems to be fine na in Quezon City.

Girlash said...

Thanks. Kakapraning di ba if you can't reach your family? My Aunt and her family are well and safe. Thank God!