Sunday, March 07, 2010

Ah! The beach!

This was our view while sipping Mango and Banana shakes

It was my Uncle's 71st birthday on February 28th.  Healthy at 71 is something to celebrate and that we did indeed.  Went to Laiya, San Juan, Batangas for the weekend.  The beach was clean and the water was cold, very different from the last time we were there which was 2 years ago.  The road going there was already paved all the way to the resort, so travelling was very comfortable, unlike 2 years ago too.  We stayed at the same resort, the Kabayan Beach Resort. 

The cottage was clean, although we were cramped since the cottage capacity was only 6 and we were 9 total, plus 3 kids.  All the other bigger cottages where already in use.  Plus there were too many fees, like an extra person is paid PhP650 and the kids were paid for PhP250 each.  That's the first time I heard of kids being paid, in any resort.

The little one enjoyed the beach so much, he swam from 7am to 11am

They also had massages in the resort.  And the service wasn't good.  From the reservation, to the actual massage itself.  The manangs were not good at all, and they were so distracted.  The one assigned to the Hubs was even texting while doing the massage.  So not professional at all.

After swimming, we hanged out at the playground

Aside from the additional fees and the bad massage, we had a wonderful time - swimming, spending time with the family and celebrating 71 years of my Uncle. 

The birthday cake we brought all the way from Laguna to Batangas...
sure glad it made the trip

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