Friday, March 05, 2010

The quest for Braun's thermometer probe cover

The little one's running a slight fever since 4am today.  Our trusty 4-year old Braun thermometer isn't working, since we ran out of probe covers :(  I thought it would be quite easy to find covers since, you know, they're just covers.  But of course, I was wrong.  I been checking Mercury and checked with Watson's too, they don't have it.  I found probe covers in Mercury this morning, but it's for other brands, not for Braun.

I checked online and found a few, but no one sells in the Philippines.  So now I had to buy another digital thermometer.  It's just Ph200++, something I had a hard time parting with.  I should have checked when I was in HK last month.  The search for that Braun probe covers isn't ending yet, I still have a few options:  (1) ask my friend to find me in Singapore, (2) ask my Aunt to get me in the US or (3) check with my Pedia since I got it from her.

Wish me luck!

UPDATE:  We went to my son's pedia yesterday afternoon for a check-up.  And I asked her about the probe cover, told her about my quest and lack of results.  She said the probe covers are only available in the US.  Thankfully, she had extra and since she's going back to the US in April, she'll share one box with me :)  So I have a precious 20-cover probe box to last me, at least, 2 years. haha  Then I'd have to ask my Aunt to buy me in th US when she comes home in June.

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