Sunday, June 06, 2010

Weekend list

Below are the things I wanted to do over the weekend... Let's see how I fared...

Want to do this weekend:
1.  Watch Prince of Persia - I've been itching to do watch the film since last week.  But we couldn't find the time or when we found the time, I wasn't in the mood.  We were scheduled to watch Friday night, but I had to work on a report due 12 midnight.  So it's rescheduled again.  Monday, perhaps?
2.  Watch Sex and The City - Already made plans with my UP girls on Saturday.  We found out one friend is arriving and another is pregnant so we ended up cathing up for 4 hours :D  SATC probably on Wednesday...
3.  Bike! - Sunday morning was the time :)
4.  Yoga - This was supposed to be Saturday morning, sadly it didn't pan out.  Maybe next week.
5.  Visit the salon for some hair pampering - Rescheduled when Mama is here next weekend!

To dos:
1.  Grocery - S&R visited on Friday.
2.  Palengke - check!
3.  Prepare my little one's school supplies - He's on his 3 school year and it's transition class, so his classes will be earlier.  He said that he's excited to see his friends.  I'm excited to see him excited.
4.  Get the flu shots for the family - done!
5.  Sell our PC - we haven't been using it since the hubs and I each have a laptop.  It's an idle asset, so better to sell it, right?

I'm actually looking forward to Monday... mainly because it's a long weekend next.  Have a great week all!

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