Thursday, June 10, 2010

My boy's all grown up

Yesterday was my little one's first day back in school.  It's already his third year in school, he started in 2008 when he was still 2.  I brought him since it's been our tradition to bring him on the first day of school.  We had a big of an issue coz he refused to go in the room, after being excited for a couple of weeks.  So I had to accompany him inside for around an hour, and slipped out when he was comfortable.  He became so comfortable that he asked to stay 5 more minutes after class.

I don't get to bring him to school all the time, with me working and all :P So he has been taking a school service since 2008, but always with the Yaya.  For this school year, he decided to go to school on his own, no Yaya in tow.  Initially, I was hesitant.  I mean, he's just 4.  But he was very adamant that he'll go on his own, so we let him.

And today is his first day on the school bus alone.  I was excited for him and proud too, this is first step of independence.  But I'm also terrified for myself haha  My little boy is growing up.  Today going to school alone, the next thing I know, he'd want to go out alone!  As a parent though, one has to be brave to be able to let go.  I can only guide him and pray for his safety.

He's off to school and all's quiet at home.  I have the TV to myself.  But I miss him like crazy.  Three hours seems too long haha

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