Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bike for life

I've always loved biking. When I was a kid, I'd snuck out of the house just to go biking with my cousins and neighbors usually after lunch, instead of doing siesta. If I get caught, I never hear the end of it from my Mom. But I seldom get caught then coz my Yaya is my accomplice LOL

April this year, I've taken up biking again. My hubby got himself a bike and bought me a bike too. We're hoping to get in shape and we've seen so many bikers in our area. At first, I thought it'll be something I would just do on weekends. But now, I can't wait to find time to bike every chance I get. On days when I work from home, I bike early in the mornings. And then on weekends too. We have lovely trails around our area and I promise myself I'd be able to bike up the "Cardiac Hill" in December! :)

Biker chick in action :P

And it's done wonders for my health! I haven't totally lost weight yet but I feel more energized and my BP has gone back to normal. When before, if I don't take by medicine, BP would go up. Now, even if I don't take my medicine, my BP is normal. Can't wait to visit my doctor and tell her about the improvement. Hopefully I'll be taken off the medicine :) Praying and crossing my fingers!

Bike partners *heart*

Not to mention that it's a great bonding activity with the hubs :)

We'd bike along wide open spaces. Open roads. Uphill climbs. It's an awesome activity!

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