Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cebu - Revisited

I've always loved Cebu.  My grandfather is Cebuano and my Mom's bestfriend is from Opon, so I grew up travelling to Cebu until I was in high school.  The last time I went to Cebu was in 2003, with a close college friend R. 

So when we were able to purchase discounted seats of Cebupac,  Cebu was a sure itinerary.  We only spent 3 short days there though.  But we loved it so much, we could well be going there again soon.

This greeted us in Cebu... quite the opposite to the rainy Manila we left that morning

What's a visit to Cebu without trying the Lechon?

Mga Bisaya lang ang kasabot unsa ang puso :)

A plus!  Got to (finally) meet up with Kaith, a NFF :D

We did the touristy thing and visited Fort San Pedro

Said our prayers at the Sto Nino Church.  Pit Senyor!

This was right outside Sto Nino Church... we couldn't miss this

The last stop of course is Ayala Terraces... It's huge and gorgeous!

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