Monday, August 22, 2011

All the talk about breastfeeding

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I’ve been reading about breastfeeding from a few blogs, such as Toni of Wifely Steps. It made it take a look back at my attempts in breastfeeding my little one, some five years ago. Getting pregnant at 28 for the first time isn’t really high risk yet. But unfortunately, I didn’t have an easy pregnancy. The first 3 months flew by like a breeze, I didn’t suffer any morning sickness at all, in fact, I didn’t think I was pregnant. I had polycystic ovaries then, so I wasn’t alarmed when I didn’t have my period for 3 months.

But then the 5th month rolled in and I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and hypertension. I went to see the doctor every week for ultrasounds and other tests. And then I was advised to best rest with long hospital admissions until the 8th month. I had to take a leave from work and delivered my little boy a month pre-mature. Good thing my doctors were really cautious. My little boy has healthy thankfully, but he was on IV the first 2 days. I only got to see him on the second day at the nursery.

Before I gave birth, I was keen on breastfeeding him. Reading and hearing of all the benefits of breastfeeding made me decide to do it, plus it’s very economical. I bought a breast pump and prepared bottles to keep the milk for when I needed to get back to work.

So I gave birth and the first time we tried to breastfeed, he couldn’t latch properly but thankfully he got the colostrums. The nurses at the hospital were very supportive, so every 2-3 hours or so, I went back to the nursery and tried. He only was able breastfeed so quickly. When we got home, we had to mix formula and breastfeeding, as my milk supply wasn’t enough for him. In between trying to breastfeed, I pumped milk. Sadly after a few days, my milk just dried up  I tried all kinds of ways to increase milk supply – my mom cooked me soup every day, I had malunggay too.

I couldn’t breastfeed. Regrettably, my son wasn’t breastfed. Fortunately though, he’s been a healthy kid. Save for a few bouts of flu, coughs and colds. My pedia said that we shouldn’t worry a lot since there are a million kids of flu viruses, and we might encounter a couple of hundreds. If and when we are blessed with another baby, I will still try breastfeeding. Maybe my milk supply would be better then.

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