Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Long Weekends are LOVE!

The long weekend almost came out a surprise.  Only was aware of it with less than a month to go, by then it was too late to plan something.  Plus, it is monsoon and typhoon season.  My cousin and I did plan to do something over the weekend - but it was not a concrete plan.  More of like lets-plan-something-if-we're-not-lazy-to-go-out.

Our weekend munchies
  So we spent Saturday holed up at home.  Watched movies, played PSP, filed out application forms, cleaned up my files. 

Photocredit: http://www.thinkhero.com/
And then after hearing mass on Sunday, we watched Cars 2 on Sunday.  My little boy was so excited to watch, but when we were watching, he lost interest.  The plot was too adult, I think.  Cars (the first movie) was a whole lot better.

Biking with my family at Nuvali

Thankfully, the rain finally let up last Monday.  So we were able to go out of the house and bike around Nuvali.  The little one was able to keep up with us, and biked with us for about 3k.

Now the long weekend is winding down.  But until night rolls in, I'm going to savour every minute.

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