Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ze Zandwich

With ham, cheese & fresh Basil leaves
Not sure if any of you remember this super yummy sandwich in Starbucks, it's just cheese and basil leaves.  I loved that.  Of course the name escapes me now (haha!).  For years, I only ordered that and well, of course coffee.  Anyhoo, since I have a basil plant, I tried to make it a home and it's oh-so-awesome!!!

I used Earle's Canadian Back Bacon, got some left over edam cheese and two leaves of basil, and of course the wheat bread.  Sandwiched the ham, cheese and basil and then put it in the toaster for 5 mins.  It came out with the bread toasted, the cheese melted and then ham and basil so perfect.  I had this for breakfast with great coffee.  Pwedeng pwede! :)

Just cheese and Basil leaves
A few days after, I tried it again.  But removed the ham for a healthier option.  So just had the cheese and then the basil, and it was still yum.  My son though doesn't like basil, so I just have cheese and he has grilled cheese sandwich for school baon.  It's cheap and I know it's clean coz I prepared it myself. 

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