Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Yourself vs yourself

So the school year has ended.  Just like that.  Sometimes I still can't believe that we survived it - tutorial was pure hard work.  I had to do lots of worksheets and haggle on study time versus TV time, Ipad time, PSP time, basketball time and Xbox time.  It was always a messy morning, always short on patience (me!) and running after time, every time.  Every school day leaves me winded and just wiped out.

I am particularly happy with my son's grades in school - 4 Es and 3 VGs (Ex being the top, then E, VG, G, S, NI and F).  I worked hard for those grades too, so I should get an award, a bag perhaps haha!  In their school, they don't have top 10s during the quarter and at the end of the year.  I was on the fence about not getting or knowing how my little one was doing in school, in comparison to his classmates.  But then it made me think too - the school follows the principle of doing your the best, of not competing against others, but only against yourself.  You see your grades, you just do your best, not withstanding how the others are doing.

But to be perfectly honest though, I still wanna know in Grade 7 (or is still 6?) if he's done well enough, overall. LOL  Yes, I grew up in a competitive world, competition is ingrained :D

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