Saturday, April 20, 2013

My advertising little man

Since it's summer, the little boy has been watching TV.  I do try to limit him watching cartoons - he can only watch it for 2 hours in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.  After his cartoon time, it's Mom or Dad's turn or he can watch other stuff like basketball or any age appropriate show.

The other day, while after his cartoon time was up, and I was working upstairs, he suddenly called me urgently.  He said I needed to watch TV, I went to him and he showed me home tv shopping where they featured ceramic pans.  And then he proceeded to say that it's so easy to use, it's non-stick and you just wipe it and you can use again.  He sounded so convincing too! :D  He knew that I didn't like our old pans, and saw I bought a new set.  He thinks we should get the ceramic pan too since it's nice! haha

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Then yesterday, I was sitting beside him while he was watching tv and then he showed me a garden hose that expands.  He tells me that it's perfect because it's easy to use and then it's easy to keep.  Meron pang, "Oh!  Look at that Mommy, nice right?!".  Haha  And he said, it's cheap too!  "Only P1,400++ if you call now!" haha  I was just laughing!  He does know how much I love my plants and I water them everyday, so he knows the hose is going to be useful :)

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He's actually been bugging me to buy him VitaPops.  He sees it on TV all the time.  The thing is, I keep forgetting and I buy him Ceelin chewables.  So when we went to see his pedia the other week, he remembered VitaPops and told me he's going to ask his doc.  When it was our turn, and ask he did.  He asked his doc if he can take VitaPops instead of Ceelin.  His doc is not aware of VitaPops so she asked what it was, he said, "It's Vitamin C and it's from the makers of Ceelin" - his exact words! :D  The doc was so amused and therefore gave her approval.  Good job little man!

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TBH, I didn't want to buy VitaPops coz I just bought a bottle of his vitamin C.  So imagine my surprise when I was given sachets of VitaPops after buying him a toy at Toy Kingdom.  It's a perfect example of a kid's prayer is granted :D  Pati kay God, his advertising worked :)

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