Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Run, Mommy, run!

I'm a working Mom, work-at-home, yes, but I still need to go to our office once in a while.  This means that although I work from home, I still have emails to send, clients to attend to, boss to report to, calls to make and well, real work to do.

I'm also a Mommy.  And now that's it's summer, I still make worksheets for my son to do coz I don't want him glued to the TV the whole day.  I also find activities for him to do - bring him to his basketball clinic, soccer clinic too, birthday parties, play dates and yes, I've also enrolled him in the McDonald's Kiddie Crew.  It's his second time and he liked the first time, so I enrolled him again.

Champions at the basketball clinic
So, I work, right?  When I have to drive him around, I usually get ready an hour before.  But then I sometimes get delayed when an email comes in or there's a call.  So maybe half the time, we're a little bit late.  For soccer, we've been late twice already.  For basketball, we're usually just in time.  For birthday parties, we've been late many times LOL.  For play dates, the mommy friends already know that I'm always in a hurry, so they understand :D My son has raised this with me several times already.

And after an event, I'm always in a hurry to go home because I have more emails to write and send.  I am a working Mom.  I'm luckier than other working Moms because I can work from home.  I know I'm blessed with what I have.  My own Mama was working full time outside of the home when I was growing up.  No one would bring me to summer activities, I remember I just stayed home summers of my childhood and books were my escape.  I did go visit my Lola and cousins a lot back then, so I was never bored.

At his school's soccer pre-training
Anyway, yesterday was a particularly busy day.  My boss was in town, which meant I had to go to the office.  But before I left, I had to cook my son's lunch and the yaya's too.  The new yaya (who's also leaving by the weekend) doesn't know how to cook.  Then off I went to the office.  At lunch, my officemates and boss decided to surprise a friend who just celebrated her birthday that weekend.  And since we had a meeting at our other office after lunch, I volunteered to drive everyone.  On the way to McKinley, a traffic officer stopped us and told me I was "coding".  All the while, I thought our plate number ends in 4 but that was the old car, since we got a new car in July which ends in 2!  Horror!  So yes, my driver's license was confiscated.  The MAPSA guy was actually hinting na mag-bigay na lang.  But I didn't want to do it, I'll do the legal way.

Because of that traffic violation, the meeting was delayed.  I planned on going home by 2pm since it was my little boy's first day at Kiddie Crew which starts at 3pm.  I was only able to leave at 2:45.  I got 8 missed calls from the little one, I can almost hear his disappointment.  I wanted to cry from guilt!  I got home at 3:45 and dropped him at McDo 10 mins after.  After I parked, I followed him in and saw that he was happily getting drinks from the vendo and helping at the counter.  Major heartbreak was averted, thankfully.

Yestarday at McDo's Kiddie Crew

You see, my daily life is like that.  I struggle to give him my time and also have time to do my job.  He'd go to me for something and I would often times have to tell him to wait a bit.  I speak to my friends at the office who are Moms like me and we go through the same thing.  We'll just have to manage this better, and accept that we're always in a race :D

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