Monday, August 05, 2013

My little defender

My little defender at 2 years old
So the other day, I was working late at the office, I called home to check on the little one.  The fist thing he told me was "Mom, I got mad at A (a classmate)."  He told me that their teacher talked to A and A cried.  I asked why he got mad at A.  A said that "Your Mommy's a tabachoy!".

I laughed at the other line.  And told my little son, that it's true, I am tabachoy.  But I'm nice, smart and pretty.  He agreed to all three, but then still defended that it's ok to be mad because it wasn't a polite word.

Tama nga naman.  It's not a polite word.  He had a reason to get mad.

I'm so overly touched that he defended me.  He's a good kid.  I did well :)  Don't grow up too fast little man!

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