Monday, August 12, 2013

Uke playing Mommah

Lovin' the Uke  (pls excuse my weight :P )
When my cousin came to visit last May, he bought a Ukelele in Cebu.  He was going to bring it back to the US, but his baggage got too heavy.... so he left the Uke with me! :)

I always wanted to play the uke ever since I heard it was easier than the guitar and I heard my officemates play it too.  So I played whenever I could, which was seldom.

And then, K's (boss & friend) husband, T, was celebrating his 40th and she wanted to surprise with a song.  It was decided that I and another friend E would accompany K with the Uke.  So I had to practice starting August 1st.  We did our first public "gig" last August 10th.  And it was amazing, if I may say so :)  We played "Kahit maputi na ang buhok ko".

I'm still learning to play more songs and I learned that key really is to practice and practice and practice.  I just pray that I will have more time to practice given the hectic schedules - work, business trip coming up and quarterly exams.

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